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Could someone point me to the relevant paragraph in the relevant publication that says that officers should not drive green fleet?

I know that if there is a soldier who can drive, then they should do, but if said soldier scares the living daylights out of the officer with their driving, I want to know if I can take over from them...
If you get the relevant signature on your FMT 600 you can drive Green Fleet vehicles but it is simpler if you do not. A soldier being involved in a road traffic incident on ops or training causes less hassle for all concerned, ask the RLC 8 Tonner driver who smacked into my Golf as I was heading back to Hereford one Sunday evening. It makes sense for you to be able to drive "in extremis" (driver fatigue for example) but if your driver merely frightens you to death grip him/her and get the MTWO to retrain the individual concerned!


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The main reason officers are not meant to drive is that if they crash and have to be charged they have to go in front of the Brigadier...
crack on wg, but i do know that if an officer crashes an army vehicle we get in a spot of bother from HIGH above!
Speaking with a chum who is an Australian gunner they insist that their officers can drive all of the green fleet. Idea being that when push comes to shove they can safely drive whatever is available.

Can only speak from a TA perspective, but it is no unusual to find officers with HGV on their FMT600. More commonly as the youth of today do not have a minibus qualification it is quite normal to have the officers driving their men onto exercise.
My favourite subject......................

As an ex RCT Private who was tasked with driving ALL green fleet incl HGV1 & Motorbikes during my soldier service..... I found it INCREDIBLY tedious when, after having spent 12 months at Sandhurst, I found I had suddenly lost the ability to drive. Getting home at the weekends was just awful what with British Rail and all that hitch hiking. I even found those Advanced Driver skills that I paid the IAM to teach me had gone.

Can you imagine an Infantry Officer saying to his soldiers "Sorry - I can't fire that rifle on the range - because if I have an ND, then I get charged by the Brigadier"

Well it's the same for an RLC Officer who finds himself in charge of 30+ Green Fleet and numerous other vehicles.

I for one - drove Green Fleet at every opportunity I could find. It's one of the reasons I joined. I like driving and THERE IS NOTHING IN THE RULES TO SAY YOU CAN'T (See above ref FMT600). I was already quite an experienced driver when I was Commissioned - so if you're not and are likely to scrape a bit of paint here and there - think twice. Not because of the Brigadiers interview without coffee - but for the piss taking your blokes will give you.

If you want to drive - have the moral courage to stand in front of the Brigadier and tell him you have command of these 30 or so green vehicles and expect your men to drive them - as an Officer - you should never ask your men to do something you should not be able and FULLY COMPETENT to do yourself. Skill unfortunately only comes with practice.

Go for it............ Drive till your hearts content and be proud to stand up in front of the Brigadier. Fcuk Him.

Captain_Crusty said:
The main reason officers are not meant to drive is that if they crash and have to be charged they have to go in front of the Brigadier...
A dubious pleasure i have received! Fined for repairs, Brig not best impressed :roll: ; collison was a low speed one at end of 4 day road move, vehicle not VOR as damage light/cosmetic. Adjt pushed this one "to show the men there was equal treatment for officers". suppose i shouldn't have previously p*ssed Adjt off :lol:

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