Offas Dyke

I'm thinking about organising a squadron event - Walking Offa's Dyke Path in as little time as possible - and would like any information people can provide...

I've found that a normal time for a slow group is 2 weeks, I want our group to be much quicker and have found that THEY apparently do it in 5 days, at 285 Km long, thats 57 Km a day, or just over 10 hours walking a day at 3.5 miles an hour. I think a happy medium for a reasonably fit group is therefore 7 days, just over 40 Km a day, about 7 and a half hours of walking each day. Does this sound unreasonable? I'm no PTI so could do with a pointer!

I'm sure more questions will develop and I'll stick them on here as soon as the arise...until then if anyone's walked it, or knows anyone that has walked it I'd be grateful to hear from you!


Another similar one is the Beacons Way. Similar timeframe but a bit more difficult physically.
spaz said:
Who do you mean by 'THEY'?

The SAS apparently do it in 5 days for training, I saw it mentioned on a website about the walk.


I'm sure you're on top of it, but be sure to get your accom in order. Landowners along the Dyke have a rep for getting hacked-of with walkers trying to bivvy-up.
We did it in 5 days back in the early 80s. We had a back up team pitching tents in near by sites so they were ready for us on arrival. All we had to do was take them down the next morning before commencing the walk.
We then had 5 days or so up at Kinmel adventure training.

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