Offal.. the way forward

Gastro porn, don't you just drool it
Handling liver top tip - give it ten minutes cooking in the sauce straight from the pack with no handling and then whip it out and shred it with a knife and fork, removing any stringy bits, and chuck it back in. A lot less aggravation and washing up than trying to handle it raw.

400g lambs liver
1 pack tomato passata (sieved tomatos, comes in a little tetrapack brick)
4-5 cloves garlic
4 onions
15g mixed herbs
3/4 pint water

Simmer 40 minutes. The onions really thicken things, so probably need more water.

Souring it up with 250g natural yoghurt right at the end optional.

Have with a ton of spuds.
Im afraid having been forced to eat Liver by the nuns as a child I simply cant stand the stuff now... I can cook it for the hounds though....
I always laugh at the amount of people who say they 'can't stand offal', and proceed at a later date to tuck into a nice steak and kidney pie.
My dad bought a whole, fresh pigs kidney a few years back and it absolutely stank out the kitchen it was revolting and made me want to throw up everytime I passed the fridge. Ever since then I've stayed away from offal, venturing only as far as a steak and kidney pieon occasion.
Sweetbreads...cleaned and smothered in garlic, lemon juice, a bit of salt and pepper.

Grill on a bbq or in the oven's grill, turning once. Crispier the better.

Serve with a nice green salad and some chips. YUM!
When I was a boy (a long long time ago) my grandfather used to have a lambs kidney 6 mornings of the week with his eggs, tea and toast. On Fridays he had cod tongues and cheeks sauted with his eggs. I used to love the kidney he would give me when I was visiting. Haven't had one in years.

Tongues and cheeks sauted in butter tasted a bit like scallops (not sure of UK term, French say coquille). Also good. Non of this stuff is low in cholesterol though and grandpa dropped dead of a coronary at 88 when in otherwise good health.

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