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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fiveroundsrapid, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. I think i've had enough of the old "A volunteer is worth ten pressed men" cr@p! Firstly, we Regs ARE volunteers i.e. we volunteered to join the Army; I believe you might be referring to conscripts - which I do agreed are worth a tenth of a Regular soldier. Secondly, I take issue with the TA use of the designator "Volunteer", which although technically correct, does not represent their unique status as well as "Amatuer" does.

    Therefore, I suggest that from here on out, all Territorial Army Units be referred to as "Amateurs"! 32 (Amateurs) Signals Regiment has a nice ring to it :)

    If anyone has a sensible argument against this, I would like to hear it *Awaits incoming from Amateur Soldiers*
  2. You are quite right that all regulars are volunteers and I would agree that the use of volunteer in a reserve unit's title is inappropriate, however since the TA get paid they are not amateurs. Maybe we should separate the army into weekday [WD] and weekend [WE] units to represent when we turn up for training.
  3. Very correct with the pay thing - didn't think of that! Well, going by football terminology, that would place the TA in the "Junior" league! A bit too close to the RAF's moniker of Junior Service!
  4. Very amusing, when you need help writing your civillian CV, do come here for help. :)
  5. I don't think the TA should assume it has any right to continue to exist on the basis of its history. I do think that there is an opportunity here for the Armed Forces to make better use of their reserve components, potentially in a similar way to the US in order to deliver greater capability for a given budget.

    Whether there is the imagination, determination or leadership within the MoD or any single service to do this is of course a different matter, as of course any increase in the role of the reserve component will be be at the cost of a reduced regular component. Given the sub-optimal decision making that the MoD is famed for, this seems unlikely.

    However, given that the the National Security Council is a more independent (and possibly broad minded) decision making body, it may be that the MoD will be challenged to justify its proposed future use of the reserves in the SDSR particularly if it is not seen to be making best use of them.

    Private-Eye (not always the most reliable source) has an interesting take on the defence industry's dismay at the role of the NSC in the SDSR, which illustrates its independent and pragmatic approach.

    In the end, there is nothing that any of us can do it about it, so I for one shall sit back and enjoy the ride. :)
  6. That's ok, I won't! Always makes me smile to think that people think that 'indoctrinated squaddies that have never known better' won't be able to hack it in CivDiv. As I probably have similar, if not better (in some cases) qualifications than most people in the real world; I'll get on quite well, be that at the end of my 22 or tomorrow. How about you try and do some time as a professional soldier (now that it has been established that the TA are not professionals!)
  7. I think you'll find that this is a rather well trodden debate.

    The conclusion of the great and the good, Regular and Territorial, was that the most appropriate nomenclature to define the two levels of service were:

    Full time, and Part time (see Army jobs as an example).
  8. I have done both, so know both sides of the fence very well, thank you. I am sure that prospective employers will throw themselves at you and scatter rose petals in front of you, come the time that you deign to grace them with your intellect, charm and humility.
  9. I have done both also, so no need to think you're anything special or better informed. And I don't actually think that when I decide that the Army no longer suits my or my family's needs, that I will be heralded as a 'prize catch' because of my Service. I know I will be up against people who have been accruing key real world experience in their chosen fields, but hope that those qual's (pre-Army) I have will stand me in good stead. The Army can put a massive black hole in your CV, I agree. I was meerly contesting your arrogance that a full-time Serviceman cannot write a CV as he doesn't need to.

    And to settle the debate - I am not a 'TA basher' - just sick of the Pressed men vs Volunteers line. It is not fit for purpose in the Reg vs TA saga - and those that use it should look elsewhere for a throwaway quote to justify their point of view.
  11. Sadly your analogy
    suggests otherwise.

    The only time I can remember being in direct competition was the BAOR recce regiment exercise in 1989. QDG, 16/5th, RY and QOY were subject to Taceval by squadron and the winners were [drumroll] B [Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry] squadron Royal Yeomanry. Does this make it a cup tie shocker?