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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Paul, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. I notice that some of you have a little man at the bottom of your postings, who walks along and pisses on that woman.(poor Foxy) How do you get that to happen, I ask, as I would like to do that on another forum I am a member off and would like to put a picture of a mate there. Many thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for the help mate. One more thing, How do I change the picture I want it to be one of my mates?
  3. I dunno, you would probabley have to use a .gif program, or find the original pissing .gif the one without the picture one and just put the picture you want at the end in the signiture thing, e.g.

  4. King

    Have you moved to South Shields from somewhere else? You appear to be able to type and also own a computer. You are therefore obviously not a Sand Dancer. Or is the computer 'just resting' in your lockup?
  5. Yes I am from South Shields and it is my own computer.
  6. King Nothing, thanks for pimping out my bandwidth.

    Paul PM me for more
  7. Is it coal powered? :D
  8. Aaaaaaah Cait! :D

    I've missed those breasts........:D
  9. How exactley am I affecting your bandwidth? He's the one who wants it, and I told him to find the original one without the woman.
  10. ok there was meant to be a " :wink: " after it, however now youve asked; the likely hood is paul will just hotlink the image from and thus effect my bandwidth
  11. Why would he do that when he said he wanted it to have a picture of his mate on it?
  12. hi do you want to chat a/s/l?
  13. does any one wanna chat?
  14. a s fcuking l????
    My god in heaven.