Off to the US.

So i'm off to the US this weekend on "business", first to Washington and then Detroit. First time i've been since i was 6!
So can someone give me some advice and pointers on what/what not to do and any info on the places i'm visiting. :roll:
Heard the violence in Detroit is just like home, looking forward to it. :D
if your going to DC try the adams morgan, it's a road full of bars, some with live music, ask the locals they'll know it well, there's a fantastic pub next to the train station, they've got proper beer and dont forget the war memorials, there's shed loads to do in DC.
Never, repeat, never ask a chick to quote the line from American Pie......"And one time at Band Camp........". It got me a slap in the face the other day.
When in Detroit do what the locals do for a good night out, drive across the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor Canada 8)

p.s It's where all the 19 & 20 year old chicks from Detroit drink as well so it's a double bonus.

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