Off to the tailor (lounge suit)

I am thinking: lounge suit, single-breasted (2-buttons), 4 button sleeves, ticket pocket (at slant with pockets), step lapels with button hole, double-vent, super 150 dark grey (I like subtle striped shirts), louche coloured lining. Single pleat trousers with braces buttons.

How about weighted at the bottom of the trousers to maintain a nice fall? I've never tried it before but seems a good idea taken from HM.

Anything else I'm missing? I've not had a bespoke made in 4 years or so.
Rather than weighting the trousers, try a "guardsman slant"- a slant at the hem, so that the front is higher than the back, creating a cleaner break. Everything else you suggested would work, but have you considered a waistcoat? Speak to your tailor; funnily enough, it's his job to advise you...

Edited to add: This thread could probably be merged into Dapper Clothing &c.
Thank you for the reply CB. I will see what he thinks of the guardsman's slant - seems a very good idea. I'm not one for waistcoats.

As for the tailor's advice I took it last time and didn't like it. I'm going again because he's the old man's tailor and promises to be a good boy this time.

Agreed on merging into Dapper; sorry.
No, don't put it into the dapper thread, at least not yet. This type of thread used to be the life blood of this forum, not kids wanting to be Officers!
No waistcoat, where is the pocket watch going or have you flogged the albert with todays gold prices. I bet that funded the bespoke in the first place. Ticket pocket is a nice touch, you could have an inside pocket just for your mobile!.
Braces buttons... or side-adjusters? Cleaner and less showy than braces.
Both? I'm of the opinion that trousers should hang from the shoulder, not the waist; your creases end up straighter for a start.
Three button fastening is the Gentleman's way.
A ticket pocket? What on earth would one require a ticket for - I hope you don't use public transport?
Turn ups on the trouser should be considered. (Cuffs too, if you're brave enough).
Fish tail trousers.
No back trouser pockets.
No belt loops.
Get two pairs of trousers made at the same time. Have them lined to the knee.
A jolly lining in the coat is a pleasant diversion. Mine are all Regimental Sea Green.
I agree with the Waistcoat suggestion earlier - gives one an extra option.
Button flies NOT a zip.
A ticket pocket? What on earth would one require a ticket for - I hope you don't use public transport?
Why, for the Opera, of course (though only if one is attending a matinee)

Edited to add:

There is also something to be said for "letting the train take the strain"
Well this is one way to enliven the fellow crustaceans!

A ticket pocket is de rigeur and the only public transport I get is a black cab.

I prefer braces but rarely use them for want of avoiding the Gordon Gekko look.

Button flies...really?
Sea Green? WTF is that Regiment then? Away from my books, so can't run through facings...

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