Off to RSC Pirbright on Wednesday...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bradders_Mk.1, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Ive off to the selection centre on wednesday, but for the past two weeks I havent been able to train, as Ive been doin 10hr shifts, 6 days a week... Im just hoping Ill make it through. Anyone else off to Pirbright this week??
  2. Hey, bradders. Sorry to hear that. Maybe you could get out and do as many 1.5 mile best effort runs as possible. Should prepare you for the run, as your body will adapt. Perhaps others will recommend something that will be more beneficial.

    Good look with RSC ;)
  3. Yeah, try and run a little bit but don't over do it. The last thing you want is to injure yourself before you go.
  4. Yaaay, I passed selection, with a run time of 10.29, coming in the first quarter of the group... Looking forward to Harrogate on January 8th :)

  5. :D :D

    Fcuking hell fattie bit of effort required

    lazy b@stard
  6. :) I FORGOT to light the fuse on the rocket stuck up my arrse. LOL
  7. Question

    Got RSC on monday. Do they do a drug test there coz I had a celebration puff of the green stuff when I passed the first fitness test about a week ago?
  8. 10.29 first quarter, god makes me think was the last quarter were getting :?: :?: :?: :?: :x
  9. Hahahahahaha
  10. And yes, they do.
  11. no they dont, you will get it week 6/7 at phase 1, however i suggest you stop being a knob and quit drugs now! That is unless you want to fcuk everything up before you have even started. FFS
  12. Thanks guys the reason im joining is to give up drugs and all the shit bits in my life. will post on wednessday and tell you how it went. NO MORE DRUGS!!!!!!
  13. Stays in your system and is detectable for about 3-4 months after ingestion-looks like you'll be back to "fries with that ?" before long. PPPPPF :twisted:
  14. We had to piss into a bottle at RSC Pirbright, I was told it was a drugs test. Could have been for a diabetes test too I spose.
  15. Dunno what they test your piss for, but there was an 'anomaly' with my piss test, had to do it twice and they said it was fine the second time.