Off to Lichfield on 8th January

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by New_Meat4The_Grinder, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. I start on Jan 8th, however I have a problem with my ankle which has kept me off training for a week now, hoping it will be better in a week or so, but am still worried about my run time suffering and implications when i get to training, any help apreciated. :?

    Also, anyone else starting on that date?

  2. Swim!!!!
  3. Swimming is the exercise of Gods.
  4. Take another week off,it will be frustrating but best to rest it and recover rather than F*cking it up totally,and as pointed out go Swimming,at least then your still keeping some type of phys up...
  5. hey i passed selection on 8th december and to be honest as long as you pass the medical and dont walk on the run youve practacly passed... good luck !!!

    im off to catterick 11th march for training, anyone else going that time?
  6. why not get a note from mummy and tell those nasty section full screws that you can't run properly, i am sure they'll understand!!
  7. Thanks for that fellas, will be doing so every day next week,still doing a few light circuits, e.g. press ups, sit ups, dips, heaves etc. Really looking forward to it, can't wait!
  8. what was your running time.When you went to selection.
  9. my run time was 11.30 before i got there but i did it in 10.38 its an easy route you just have to run around the camp twice and its mainly on a flat surface apart from the one part where its downhill, and the grenade lesson is easy aswell just remeber the names of the 2 grenades, and on the team tasks just make sure your not the quite one at the back and your pass with ease, its very easy to get passed out of 40 of us only a hand ful got defeered and that was only because they had a heart murmor and to avoid this you just drink water on the way there.....
  10. Got a sub 10:30 when I passed RSC in November,anyone got any advice on items to take that are not on the kit-list? I already got wooly hat with fleece lining, mini maglite, leatherman etc
  11. Hello I'll be in Lichfield on the 8th Jan aswell looking forward to meeting you all ! If your running less than 10:30 you'll be fine but expect the PTI's to see you improve on your first run time by the time you get well into training !
  12. i start lichfield on 02 jan! and i hurt my foot on a drunk night out, took some time off and it's ok now, better to rest it mate, at rsc i ran 10.09 but when you get to basic as long as you run the first run in under 14mins you will pass the first fitness test. but you don't want to look the unfit bloke tho! see you there mate
  13. cheers teehe, yo and backblast, did what you said, ankle now right as rain, ran a mile and a half today, so going to run every other day now, still going to swim as well. Thanks guys :D

    Also noidea, are you in my intake or already at Lichfield?
  14. i think i could walk it in under 14mins

    i got 10:03 at lichfield for rsc.. couldnt train til i started at catterick coz of a bad back, and when i had my RMT in week 2 i got a 10:23 mile and a half, shocking that

    had my first bpfa last week and its down to 9:15 now so its not all bad!
  15. The route at Lichfield is very easy, as already said it's just two laps around the blocks and parade square. It is very flat, apart from the small hill by the cookhouse which by the time you get there on your 2nd lap starts to drain your legs completely, especially if you've been tanking it round the first time.

    I managed to put a sub 10 minute in there straight after New Year this year, and that was after eating far too many mince pies and drinking far too much Bishops Finger.

    Keep the phys up to the best of your abilities and you'll cake walk it.