Off to Hong Kong in a few weeks

Discussion in 'Travel' started by BoomShackerLacker, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Making my first trip to HK soon, working regrettably, but have some good time on my hands also.

    Any suggestions for places to visit, eat etc?
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. For the normal sights:

    Take the furnicular(sp?) railway up Victoria Peak for stunning views of both Hong Kong and Kowloon

    For food try breakfast in the Mandarin Oriental (eggs benedict is lovely)

    For a luxury colonial take on accomodation the Penninsular is a nice hotel and the lobby resturaunt is amazing.

    The Star Ferry is a great cheap way to enjoy the hustle and bustle across the river.

    Stanley Market is great for J'Oakleys etc.

    It has the ubiqutous Irish Bar with good beer and pub quiz if you get homesick!

    Best of luck in HK and hope you enjoy it.
  4. I went to HK, and loved it. You can't go wrong using the underground, it's easy. I'd go back again.

    Go to the peak, it's a must. Stanley Market is a good visit, but it takes a long time to get there. Also the mahoosive buddha (can't remember where it is?).

    There's also a village that's built entirely on sticks, in a harbour. Can't remember where that is either, but not too far from the Buddha
  5. If you have time, try Shenzhen. Apart from having the largest collection of pretty young Chinese girls there is (girl-watching, for the use of) there's a lot to do. Theme parks, museums, a safari park and the shopping's pretty good if there's a memsahib to accommodate.
  6. Yes the peak tram is a must but I'd recommend (if you have the time) just taking a one way trip up, leaving the crowds by doing the short walk up to Victoria Peak Gardens where the views are even more stunning.

    After that, either descend by bus (interesting and scenic twisting route) which brings you down to North Point; or even better, try walking down one of the foot paths-either to Aberdeen Harbour or Central.

    Victoria Peak Gardens
  7. DOnt bring any luggage

    buy all your gear out there

    get fitted for your suit on the first day or two

    and try the bar at the mandrin oriental its a great sports bar

    and enjoy it
  8. Was out there when we had an empire. Last time in 1994. Get the MTR up to Sha Tin nice shopping centre & you can for a wee scamper up to see the Terrocota Army.

    Go to the floating restuarants in Aberdeen (on the South side of the Island)

    We also get the Jetfoil to Maucau which was interesting & nice. Shopping in Kowloon & the Nathan Road is good.

    We were at Sek Kong in the New Terrorities and used get the cabs to fly us down to HMS Tamar at Weekends. Those were the days.

    Enjoy & hope this link helps.
  9. Depending on what time of the year, try a horse race at either Happy Valley or Sha Tin.

    Take a walk around the Mong Kok area of Kowloon; purely for the hustle of life there.

    Big Buddha as alluded to earlier is on Lantau island.

    Don't be afraid to walk off the street into some of the top hotels for a drink.

    Wish I was back, have a good time.

  10. There is a huge amount to see and do in HK so you'd do well to buy a guide book. There is one series of guide books that tells you what to see if you have 1, 2, 3 etc days in the place. It'll guide you to the more popular and touristy places, but then there's a reason why they're popular!

    Avoid the tat (Hard Rock Cafe etc) unless that's your cup of tea, but try to get yourself out to some of the less well-troden parts. Ie, not Central, Tsim Tsa Tsui etc. If you really have the time, try some of the Outlying Islands (but apparently they've built rather a large airport across one or two of them since I was there!)

    I'd definitely recommend having a suit tailored, but get yourself measured up early doors. I faffed around trying to find the 'perfect' tailor and then ran out of time. Might be worth doing a little research before you go.

    Have a good time. I'm very jealous.
  11. The RHKP musuem in mid levels was pretty good when I went there in 1997, sure it will still be there.

  12. If you do the Star Ferry trip try and go at night - the views of the brightly lit Hong Kong are stunning.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It's worth visiting but don't expect too much. And make sure you stay on Hong Kong island, if nothing else it means you won't have to travel too much than if you stay on the Kowloon side of things.
  14. Tx OS and gents, that's my itinerary sorted: staying at the Royal Plaza on Kowloon. Not my choice but sounds generally easy access all round.
  15. Meant to say

    go and see the big Buddah

    and then take the cable car back

    absolute heaven or nirvana or where ever Budaah's blokes go