off to Gibraltar

Discussion in 'Travel' started by jackthehat, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Off to Gib for 2 week TA exercise,EX marble Tor this saturday(48 hour exercise on the rock,tunnel clearing ,house clearing in the training area,another day or two training in the village area)Then restoring an old battery gun on the rock and a bit of RR and adventure training for the 2nd week.Anybody got any hints and tips ,useful kit to have etc and places to visit in GIB ,Spain or Morroco thanks
  2. im ok with place with places to visit ,just seen post about GIB at bottom of this page.Any hints and tips about the exercise and useful kit to have would be gratefully appreciated thanks
  3. A maglite torch you can attach to your rifle for the tunnel fighting phase. Sounds bone, but lots of people ended up in town looking for one pre-ex. Don't worry about a red filter for it, you won't need it in the tunnels.
    A decent knee pad helps in the tunnel fighting phase too.

    If you get the chance on R&R ask about the guided tour through the caves (St. Michaels tour. i think) It's well worth the few quid.

    When you get your time off in the evenings get yourself to the main square and try to sample some pochine (sp?) It's good stuff! Bad for the eyes though apparently.

    Be prepared, you WILL do the rock run! Mind the apes; nasty little buggers!

    Have fun, all in all it's not a bad camp.
  4. Second the knee pad and torch. Make sure it's a BFO torch though, about 200 gazillion megawatts. Blind the enemy with it. A camelbak, a soft/jungle hat and lots of those little yellow ear plugs. Grab a handful from the Hercules.
    It's the best camp going for TA. Nothing has been able to match it since we went 3 years ago.
  5. Keep EVERYTHING nailed down around those bloody apes. Sunglasses, bags, cameras etc anything exposed is a target for them. They'll get quite bolshy and whip it off you. I'm sure they must have an e-bay account the amount of stuff they seem to nick. And what use is a camera or sunglasses to a baldy-assed ape???
  11. FG

    PM sent,, I have a dragon light would that be too tight?
  12. Brings tears to my eyes :lol:
  13. thanks for the advice ,should be getting a free tour through the tunnel area!
  14. Best advice for any visit to the Rock is pack a new liver! Buccaneers (if it's still open) used to serve until 0500hrs!