Off to Catterick!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GunzablazinUK, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. Im making the move up north to Catterick on the 23rd October to start basic training for the Infantry..Anyone else starting on this date?

    Also, any advice on previous experiences,useful things to take with me,what to expect,etc etc would be appreciated
  2. Dig deep and work hard, neck in the collar and DO AS YOUR TOLD!!!!

    Good's Fun but hard. Stick with it...
  3. I'll be there mate. Look forward to seeing you....

  4. I'll be there mate. Look forward to seeing you....


    Thats Evil.............but i like it

    Reminds me of my 2 years there in 94-96...................."GIVE THEM TO ME NOW! I WANT TO PLAY"
  5. Seriously. look me up. I look alot like my avatar (only have now shaved off the tash) and I'm a big lad so you won't miss me - I usually mince about in a skirty thing with what looks like a dead badger hanging around my privates, but I wouldn't say that to my face.

    If you pop around I might make you a nice cup of tea and let you have a wee bit of shortbread. Good luck. Remember if you're having a hard time I'll always be sympathetic...
  6. Right ok. I will give you advice.

    You should have got a list of kit to bring. If not ask the army careers bloke. here are my reccomendations. First stop the supermarket (Tesco)

    An Iron. Possibly THE most crucial bit of kit. don't bother about an ironing board it's only a hassle to take it on the train. Tesco sell a cheap one for less than a fiver. Get one of those. Tea towels. also can be used to improvise an ironing board. Buy an A4 pad of paper. This will be used for writing letters home. Take the cardboard backing off it and pursuade everybody in your room to use this to fold their shirts etc around. then all your kit will look the same in the locker inspections. Bullsh1t I know but get used to this sort of thing.

    Shoe polish. usually you can't go wrong with Kiwi but some section corporals have funny ideas (The cnut in charge of my section insisted we all used cherry blossem) don't worry though get kiwi. it will always come in handy. Two good wooden shoe brushes and yellow dusters. put them in the washing machine a couple of times (the dusters) to take the pile off. these will be used for dusting and bulling boots.

    Take a smart shirt and tie. You might get a chance to have a pint later in the training or at the end but not if you are dressed like a chav.

    Brasso. 2 tins of. personally I think the wadding is best rather than the fluid. Spray starch. A good section corporal will show you how to use it while he is showing you how to iron. Air freshener. You'll be sharing a room with farting burping mingers I guarantee it.

    Next stop Camping shop. Get a few of those olive green bungies. you might not need them but they might be handy when you start messing about with webbing.

    Keep the windows of your room open no matter how cold it gets. Otherwise you'll all end up struggling through basic training with flu.

    shower gel, soap, anti - perspirant etc. keep clean. you will be told how to wash properly. Pay attention. Do not ming.

    I'm sure others will think of stuff. You will be given all the kit you need so don't spend money on assault vests etc (some ******* do.) All you need to provide is personal stuff and cleaning products etc.

    Plenty of clean underpants. Might I suggest a watch. small face canvas or leather strap but not a big chav sparkly job. Argos have a couple that are suitable.

    Take care and if you do see me about. Do say hello. Which lot are you joining? Ill keep an eye out for you.
  7. "I look alot like my avatar"
    Naught naughty naughty, The board has seen your Photo.
    Elephant John
  8. I am at cattrick at the moment best think i can say to you is do what you are told. As the poster above me said get an iron a good iron i had a a no frills tesco iron it was to light to be any good argos have some good irons for under 20 pound. The first 6 weeks are the bullshit untill you pass of the square and get your proper head dress. Then like me you can go home every weekend. You wont have to bull boots if you are scottish like me because jocks dont bull boots any more you only bull your broges wich you dont get till phase 2 wich iam on now. Work hard dont get cought monging it and a sence of humer is vital. And a lot depends on your training staff weather they like to beast you. hope it helps. You can by most of the stuff you need at the naffi if you forgot any thing but best to buy the stuff for going down with.
  9. Tuppence worth just adding to the above posters

    2 x Padlocks (sturdy ones)
    Coat hangers plenty of not your mums pink ones
    Electrical tape ---black
    Elasctic Black/Wide

    on washing and shaving kit get down to pound strechers and buy a heap (spares,locker inspection etc)
    ^^plenty of razors (decent ones not bic orange) dont be a ming and share reuse from bin etc

    dont bring any "gucci kit" 1) you wont be allowed to wear it 2) alot of gypos about 3) get used to the issue kit

    Black marker pen again above ref no 2 your oppos are to be trusted in a firefight but not in barracks when they have lost something mark you kit up as soon as you get it!!

    Bank account ?! get one before you go or there be a delay in getting money
    Passport photos take some with you a)Sect commanders will need them for your file (dont know if this has changed) b)For a passport

    Leave all your fancy PSP's and DVD's etc (Some mong/chav will take this anyway and watch his face later on where 2) happens) personal stero/mobile phone

    Leave at home attitude\cadet stripes\sas books etc

    Was an instructor in 97-99 so more than probs things have changed, but enjoy its the first rung of the ladder, steep learning curve blah blah blah...
  10. Nice hat dextrose!!!

    You've had some good advice here now gunzablazing. As I said, ask the Army careers office staff for a list they should have some pre printed ones.
  11. Cheers for all the advice lads and sorry its taken me so long to reply but iv been down in Cornwall for a while.

    I'v printed this page out and it'l be tucked in my back pocket when i go and get my supplies for basic so thanks again to you all.

    LairdX, im going for the Royal Anglians 2nd Btn and if i see you il def say hello mate,although im not looking forward to meeting your pace stick which as you already have told me in a previous thread has a mind of its own :) Just looking for ward to getting there now and getting the ball rolling.Thanks for the advice sargeant and il see ya soon
  12. You've had some very good advice here GunzablazinUK.

  13. Just one more thing. Learn to spell sergeant.
  14. This promises to be a fun packed meeting.
  15. Thought they would have been on more intimate terms by now.
    My platoon Sgt scared th sh1t out of me Still Blurs New Model Army!