Off to catterick 3rd June

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pvt_Ducky, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Hey i recently passed the selection at Lichfield.. well actually it was last thursday and now iv been told my date to go to catterick is 3rd of june.

    So i literally have 1 week to get everything ready :D hehe

    Anywho.. Any other people around going to catterick on sunday?
  2. Nice one mate!! I was supposed to be on that intake too but my selection got forwarded to next week :( Best of luck and I'll hopefully see you on the 17th of June!
  3. cool... what regiment you goin for?

    Im goin for the staffords.. I'll be the 6'3" brummie in the group :p
  4. rifles mate, if i pass selection (nerves kicking in and theres still a week to go!) i'll be the 5'11 skinny one getting the **** kicked out of him for failing inspections i reckon!!
  5. Congrats both of you. Ducky i hope i can pass my selection and get my date that quick would love it just to finally be able to quit my current crappy job :)
  6. try not to say 'cool' too much, its sounds chav.
    Good luck to all 3 of you though, may your chav civvie weaknesses be battered out of you early on, in the nicest possible way of course.
  7. im not a chav hehe

    besides i thought chavs said "seen" not cool... chav language is so confusing

    anyway. thanks for the support :D
  8. lost mine last week for swearing back at a customer. she deserved it. roll on selection!!
  9. I passed selection in Feb, got my date.... 'tis just a shame that my start date is July.... ha

    Good luck to all of you.
  10. i passed selection last tuesday.

    joining as a REME vm, 3rd choice was the para's though. and if i took my para choice i would of been going to ITC catterick on the 28th may, haha 6 days. but luckily i took my second choice as VM as i changed my mind about first choice, RAC tank crewmen.

    good luck guys. hope to see you around on excercises or something :)
  11. you'll be in my old platoon then...

    decent bunch of staff!