Off to camp.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bisley, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. What is your experience of Annual's. Has it been well organised, or has it been a case of hurry up and wait and what the f**k's happening now.
  2. see the Wales UOTC thread page 3 onwards
  3. Hurry up and wait - it's the good old army way!
  4. On the bus off the bus :p
  5. and be prepared for the usual , on the bus off the bus orders, crying hormonal kids especially the girls, being asked bone questions all the time, fights which can happen, broken sleep if on night duty,

    however upside can be , you get to put into pratice in the field what you have taught in the Det, making it more interesting, trips to theme parks like Alton towers or similar set up, this year i am going to Knook camp, hopefully that may involve a trip to Eden Project, you get pay in advance on camp :) bonus !, meet other staff from other companies and hopefully forge some good friendship :) do some really warry stuff and the opportunity to different parts of the UK for free.
  6. make this year different by getting your cadets up everyday for some PT.....and try to include them Sgt Instructors who need the phiz....!
  7. Funny you should say that because that is exactly what I have suggested. I would like to see some of the fat f**k's do a bit of PT if only to practice the first aid skills.
  8. Cadets get tired enough on Camp without enforced morning PT. If you want to run a boot camp, then go play with the TA.

    For some kids - Annual Camp is the only holiday they get and you want them to go back smiling, rather than miserable, even if they have built up less muscles.

    Sport in the evenings works for the Physical side of things - much more fun, instructors can, and should, get involved and the cadets aren't at risk of NAAFI Overload.

    And, in order to combat the infamous hurry up and wait syndrome have a few imaginative interest lessons up your sleeves that don't involve stores and can be used waiting for the range, Obs Course, Transport, QM, Armourer etc etc. For some reason sychronised dance moves were a real hit last year on our camp.
  9. Hear hear Bisley! Good points well made. Your Cam & Con lesson last year was the best I have ever seen.