Off the cuff lessons for a tuesday night.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chrisg46, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Can anyone provide some good suggestions for good lessons that can be done with little preparations? Our current situation is as follows.

    Infantry plt detachment, with a majority of JNCO's on tour. I am the senior private soldier and as such has been supervising a lot of the training on the drill evenings. This has consisted of Map building and giving orders (i am doing JNCOs myself towards the end of the year so trainign for me too!), contact drills on foot, patrols and basic skills. Also given presentation on the recent tour...The platoon head shed are busy with admin/new recruits so we are generally left to it.
    Our facilities are relatively limited, we dont have our own vehicles so cant practice vehicle contact drills (apparently it can be a bit of a nause to get one down to us). The space is limited as well, we have the TAC itself, and a small compound where other unit vehicles are kept (cant access them...). There is a large park behind us, but we cant do much other than tab round it, and we have no PTI so in theory cant do PT...No NBC instructors either, we do have qualified medics, but we dont have much kit to practice with.

    What i need is a list of something that can be done quickly with a minimum of notice and preparation, but still be interesting for the troops and get their blood pumping as that is what they prefer. The vast majority of them are still fairly new with less than 18 months service behind them, no tours yet, and no camp other than CIC. I prefer them to practice their basic skills (contact drills, 5 & 20's and so on) that would help them when they eventually mobilise, but it is getting a little dull now. Anyone got any suggestions for more stuff we can do?
  2. Lesson plans and subjects are always an issue, especially in smaller units or those with a large majority of its members on deployment, but it pays to be creative. I had a similar issue at my unit and the way I chose to deal with was to look at skills which would be relevant to deployment and to try to make the training reflect that. You will probably have plenty of experience to draw from right there in your unit. Start by carrying out a skills audit to see what people are proficient in or confident about. Look at what interests and hobbies people enjoy and whether they can be applied to a military setting (ie, orienteering, computers, etc.) Next, delegate responsibility for lessons to everyone within the target group. This way everyone will equally have a chance to research, prepare and deliver lessons. It will enhance confidence, instil a sense of responsibility, and take the burden off the few who always end up doing it. You dont have to be a skilled insructor, just prepared to do a little research into the subject. Treat it as a 'revision' session rather than a lesson. You may also find that there are units close by who would welcome the chance to exchange skills, maybe come and do a presentation in return for you doing the same for them. Whatever you chose to do, try to vary the programme a little, ie, have some purely interest based activities in the training.
  3. Find a local forest, set up an orienteering course, et voila, a practical exercise in map reading!
  4. Borrow the storeman's old cortina (they always have cortinas) and do a searching lesson, a VCP demo, and a VCP BE.

    Then stack some chairs, so there's a bit of continuity.
  5. Apologies in advance for the dullness of this posting, but ............

    If you're going out of the TAC to train, make sure you have clearance to use the land (your PSIs should be able to organise this for you) and a risk assessment is done for any training planned (again, your PSIs/PSAO are probably your H&S rep, so will advise).

    Both the above are a pain in the bum, but you need to do them otherwise your promising career could be cut short if something goes wrong.
  6. Any of the lads that you have left been on telic or any recent tours?

    Invaribly the role your trained for is probably different from the one you end up performing on ops, if anyone has any tours of any interest recently you could try getting them involved to run something specific to the task they ended up performing in 'theatre' so to speak.

    However with no pti, no nbci, and if your sick of contact drills then your going to find it diffucult I think. Might be worth using the time you have to plan a better training evening later in the month??
  7. Films....As in Blockbusters. Brecon uses chunks of video clips to highlight various points during Lectures and to keep the crowd awake/alive. Try Heat and the final bank robbery for "Fire and Movement". Blackhawk Down can be used
  8. If you have a neighbouring unit with a SAT trainer you could get some time in on that. Good to see how the toms get to grips with various senarios especially if you have anyone with experience of the the most recent rules of engagement cards (depending which theatre they have been in, unless its all the same between TELIC/HERRICK, I would imagine it is).

    Good luck, sounds like you have been left a little high and dry.
  9. Matey,

    Get some Sigs kit out - are you RRU qualified or anything? A bit of training on say a 350 or 351 wouldn't go amiss, neither would some Voice Procedure if the majority of TA Inf units are anything to go by. Too many Pte soldiers expect that 'someone else does the radio stuff' - all soldiers should be able to set up, operate and test the said radio sets and know how to speak correctly over them too!!

    Any advice - PM me
  10. Class - 2 hours of stagging on...
  11. Am I mistaken, or did I read somewhere that McNab was involved in setting that up?
  12. Chrisg46

    Check your PM I dropped you a list that may help in your situation :)

  13. Bobs your uncle, 2 hours stagging on, straight down the pub, problem solved!
  14. Quite so.

    Tell all the locals that the first 200 people to arrive at the TA centre gate get a tenner.
    Get the lads wearing all their warm kit and stand them in front of all the field kitchen sets your CQMS can lay his hands on, so they're good and hot, and then, when the locals arrive, have them shouting 'imshi' until their voice is hoarse.
    Oh, and get someone really officious and well-known to drive in with two landrovers with a fully-manned escort, stop half-way through the gate and block everyone else in/out, and then demand to see the gate commander, section commander, platoon commander, watchkeeper, OC because one of the blokes hasn't asked to see his ID.

    Then do it all again every Tuesday night for six months.
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I think i had best point out it is not as bad as it might sound, we are not kicking our heels thinking of something to do, we are actually quite busy, and seem to pack quite a lot of theory and practical training! This is a state of play i want to maintain, and keep it fresh and entertaining for all concerned for the future! (my OC looks at this site on a regular basis...)

    The telic feedback we are trying to do at the moment, myself and the NCO's here are passing on stuff from Telic 6, and expect have similar when others return from the current Herrick. But there is only so many times you can go over RoE with examples before they have heard all the examples.

    Orienteering is good, and something we have done before, just a case of getting them all there!! Movie clips we have also done, might try Jarhead...:p

    Getting kit like Sigs kit is all good, but unfortuantely i am not RRU, plus our sigs kit is at our main location, and it is notoriously tricky to be certain of getting anything down to us. Coupled with lack of trainers...:(

    Might see if we can get a car to search, i am all for more BE's etc...

    No SAT unfortuantely, we used to have one, but it was taken away....

    And cheers Baz, huge list, all good. Will need to work through and try and do some lesson plans...will PM you later with some of my own questions for this...

    And i very much like redsquirrels suggestion, will build myself up a list of what this lot actually know....

    Keep em coming....