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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cable_dog, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Comments/ views on the following please:

    A know a Lad who has been in The Army a 10+ years and was at the dizzy hieghts of L/cpl. He got posted to a unit were his Lin manager was an old friend of his. He was good at his job but not ready for promotion to CPL. But because the Soldier knew his LM from Old he went out of his way to get him Pormoted. Adding extra jobs on his CR that he hadnt done etc. Right or Wrong ?
  2. Bitter are we?
  3. Can't really answer truthfully on the facts you've given. I'm tempted to think the guy should have been given his tapes on the amount of time served (its the highest rank he'll ever get thou).
    But I should also add that would be ok if your running under the regimental system, i.e. your promoting but intend giving them a Cpl's job that nobody else would want (probably something in the mess)
  4. no, There was already 3x Cpl's in the troop filling the spots. So when he came off the board The LM decided to post one of the lads out and keep him.
  5. Wow, that line manager has power to post !! who needs MRO..

    cable_dog..your opening statment........ iz inn krap englandish..........
  6. Do you have a rank or are you an 8 year old? Your spelling is pathetic. You do sound bitter though.
  7. 99 times out of 100, comments like this have no substance and are mere rumour. I assume you have proof?
  8. cable , so whats your point? are you one of these new breed of signals soldier who expects to be promoted , because you are on your second posting? and you see your peer group promoted over you - maybe you should pull your finger out and try a bit harder .you really sound bitter, or are you jealous? .
  9. Oh Dear...Cable Dog, perhaps instead of being bitter and twisted, get some quality greasing time in then maybe you to could be promoted.Career laughs,it's all good kit..I know, aproach the individual you have a gripe with explain what exactly your problem is with him/her,then, thats the way to deal with it? No BALLS called........
  10. spot on carpets! i enjoy watching people greasing seniors up just so that they can gain "brownie" points , in my unit we have one lad nicknamed "hayley" as he is just like a senior who used to be with us , who did nothing but grease there way to be promoted. but you what makes me laugh , he is a class 1 tech , just waiting to be promoted.cnut!
  11. Keep sitting on your ASS that's where your best employed,i'd imagine, Oh yes and lots of whinging too .Errmm, I wonder, i bet you've been in the Army along time too,proper Old School , I bet.
  12. who you on about?
  13. Fella,

    1. Learn to spell..
    2. If this fails, then take your issues to the papers...claim to be a "Spy" and try and get tens of thousands of pounds by "dissing" honourable men
    3. otherwise....Please Please Please stop whinging miserable B*****D

  14. Obviously you are though, eh? :roll: CNUT!