off limits?

When it comes to er porn what can you watch on the laptop and what is off limits and will get you into bother if the computer repair people see it. Thanks.


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just phone up the computer shop and ask them first.
Just drop into your local police station and ask to be included in the dangerous nonce register, you can surf any shite you like after that!
Was this question produced and published by a 12 year old child possibly under the influence of various drugs in combination with intoxication due to excessive alcohol consumption? If so were its parents the suppliers?
Don't worry, if you delete it from your trashcan it's no longer recoverable.

You're still a child-touching monster even if it's gone from your HDD though....
No, you're not not fucking mong. Stick to adult naked birds like the rest of us you bastard pond life.
Or at least questionable teens you can persuade yourself are over 18 as they have nice tits....
Personally, I couldn't give a shit if PC World ping my tastes. I'm not a threat to the free world, so I doubt, MI5, GCHQ or the filth will be remotely bothered with my repeated visits to the specialised site that deals with Kate Garraway lookalikes being anally fisted by tranny dwarves and clowns. Just innocent fun, that's all.
Zetlander - as you obviously can't be arsed to read the simple instruction I gave, here is a summary:

ILLEGAL: Anything under the age of 18, and/or:

S63(7) CJ&I Act 2008

An image falls within this subsection if it portrays, in an explicit and realistic way, any of the following— .

(a) an act which threatens a person's life, .

(b) an act which results, or is likely to result, in serious injury to a person's anus, breasts or genitals, .

(c) an act which involves sexual interference with a human corpse, or .

(d) a person performing an act of intercourse or oral sex with an animal (whether dead or alive).

Pseudo images are also included.
so is anything o.k. as long as participants are 18+
Just to be safe don't call your dad, dad whilst he's humping your choccy on film. But you and the dog's fine as long as you pretend to be east European.

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