Off in the reme, avionics tech

Discussion in 'REME' started by LINC_LAD, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. hello all, i jst recently passed lichfield and i am goin in2 the reme as an avionics tech after basic trainin. I was just wonderin will i stil get the chance to play sports n go on adventure trainin often, as some people i hav spoken 2 tell me all ure time is spent in a classroom and when finished ther is work 2 do at home sort of thing. i dnt mind puttin in the work but i also want to enjoy the other side of army life. And just anymore info on what i am goin if for wud b gd. chrz damon
  2. As an ex tech myself, sure there is alot of clasroom stuff, as well as continuing being a soldier at the same time. Rough with smooth I'm afraid, but rest assured after your trade training you can get plenty of time off if you want for regimental sports etc, ie rock climbing sailing and windsurfing are three "adventure" sports well recognised in REME as is skiing. But you do need to get your head down and do some work first til you can start abusing the system and getting a shed load of time off, hire cars etc etc (not that I have ever done or condoned such practices! lmao)
  3. Learn to write first buddy, looks good on a nokia but won't impress the lecturers at phase 2.
  4. Potential greenslime and he wants to know how to start skivinng off before he's even in.
  5. I'm at the school now and yes there are opertunities for doing sport, but initially it is sort of confined to wednesday afternoons and weekends. Adventure training does come round and if your in holding or it is over a recess period, you can apply the same as everyone else. Avionics though is the hardest course going and it takes quite a bit of study unlike the SHVATZERS (Aircraft Techs - Blackie scumbag - etc........)
  6. Didn't take long to corrupt you, did it ?
    Make the most of your training it is good and will help you get a good job in electronics, when you get out.
    The aviation game is a long hard slogg. Good greensh1t where a rare breed, many could talk and try and baffle but its turning out Serviceable cabs which is of intrest, not the surrounding Gob, which is plentiful.
    Apache will have far more 'Lectronics' then my day, maybe far more test equipment to do the job for you.
    But if you haven't got the basic knowledge your a liablity and in Aviation that will kill some one.
    Not amusing to be around when you lose a cab and crew, No one speaks, just strange looks, questioning looks.
    And the widow and orphans, never could handle them.
    Learn the trade the rest is just gobshite.
    As that Major said when we where doing our 6 week basic training
    "You will never have the right to risk someone eles life" I lived by that for 23 years amy and 12 years civvy.
  7. I just hope that life and facilites at the Arborfield have improved since I was there......rather large holding pl, lots of course cancelling going on.

    Top advice - if you know you have got a wait before getting on course, get yourself attached to a field force REME unit - eg Air Corps Workshop - it will do you a power of good, rather than sat around at Arborfield.

    Oh, and don't think you can drink drive from the Sindlesham Mill back to Hazebrouck, those roads are picketed by plod. Lost 1 x Cpl (dead), and numerous Cfn had their promotions witheld due to DUI.
  8. Clipper: for gods sake - learn to spell before you denounce a Blackie - its Schwartzer - from German, for black, not shvatzer! (Sounds like some kind of dog that has continually cacks itself....and some of my best friends were an ex-greenie!
  9. Spanner's advice is good. Pleased to say that SATT has reduced so as the waiting time. Still time for sport, adv trg and fun"
  10. ...and the really good thing about life as a greenie is that if you're working Lynx (and especially Gazelle) you only really have to produce anything up until Cpl Class 1. After you get promoted to Sgt, you can join the rest of the lazy twäts lounging about in the crew room or wandering aimlessly around the hangar like stray alzheimer patients. As far as sport is concerned, I've yet to see a greenie who didn't kick a ball like a girl. :twisted:
  11. im coming to the end of arborfield ive done adventure drinking played lots of sport (not very well) but dont go avionics smurfs are w*nkers
  12. yes yes ... we wear gay blue berets yes there is hardly any postings for us .. and now its reducing even further but hey ho its a job and well a good one at that. We need all the avionics techs we can get with the current sign off rate from 9 reg and 7 bn hell the whole aviation part of the army...
  13. <<<I've yet to see a greenie who didn't kick a ball like a girl.>>>

    LOLOLOL You do make me laugh Stained.......... I can kick a ball MUCH harder than you <g> Work out who I am... and I am a greenie.....

    Son... you want to know what it is like being greenie, let me tell ya....

    most of the time life is not so bad... till ya get a fault that is a real pain... then ya have to actually work, sadly there are no time limits... just work and fix it... you can not ask your blackie compaderaies... as usual we have moved above 2 syllables now, so they are lost...

    Apache does not improve this as working on them is like working on a car without the wrong haynes manual..... with your hands tied behind your back.....

    Stained good to see you.....
  14. A'pache sounds like greenslime heven, the yeti's wet dream.
  15. ive chosen the route avionics/electronics tech. I heard elec tech has a lot more postings? and what sort of work is involved in elec tech?