Off Duty Uniform (Officers / Ruperts )

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by dance_with_the_devil, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths officers go to attract ridicule from the "Enlisted Filth" :lol: Do they somehow come out of Sandhurst with a Full Frontal Lebotomy with regard to wearing the trademark Brown brogues,pink cords,checkered shirt,Daddys old University Tie,and a brown cord jacket complete with leather patches on the elbows..Nice!!..... :twisted: ..Mostly spotted at the annual Sandown Races meet....Hoorah they cry anyone for a pink gin...
  2. Are you sure you weren't watching a Geography teachers passing off parade?

    Army Soldier - Be The Best
    Army Officer - Dress In The Dark

  3. Certainly not Daddy's old university tie and probably not leather patches...though these days, one never knows.

    Look, we'll dress how we want to and you can wear white skin tight jeans, desert boots and regi track-suit or rugby shirt whilst spewing onto an ATM, with your arm round a fat-bird and waiting for your taxi...

    You forgot to cast scorn on the red moleskins we all admire so, however I'll do that for you too...I love mine and the camel ones. Incidentally does anyone think there would be a similar market for mole coloured camel-skin trousers?
  4. Its simple. Its in one of the reserved sections in QRs.

    "All members of the armed ofrces are required to dress as differently as possible whein in uniform while dressing as simililarly as possible when out of unitform. At the same time they miust maintain a clear distinction between officers and ORs at all times. "
  5. Yeah, but does it follow on to say

    "that distinction must be an ability to look like you've been dipped in glue, and hurled through a Help the aged shop window"

  6. I never saw the correlation between civvy dress and officer values myself?

    It’s always an easy cry to say "he doesn't dress like an officer etc".....personally i think that it smacks of "speeding fine syndrome" ie. the 'easy-nick', its easy to pick somebody up for their civvy dress whilst not addressing the deeper underlying issues...

    Like one senior major I can name who used to regularly appear in an immaculately tailored tweed suit and matching accoutrements, complete with fancy car and saddle club membership – needless to say he was an idle, dim-witted individual who was sh&gging out of watch…but at least he looked the part and had a posh accent!!!

    Personally, I favour a designer jeans and a smart hoody - I prefer to make my mark by my personality, intellect and wit. I fail regularly – I should stick to the tweed suit!!!
  7. Designer jeans and smart hoody? Choosing to make your individual statement in the same manner as every other "young person" today?!

    It really cracks me up - I want to be different, so I'm wearing black, black, black. Plus ten marks for Doestoeveski-esque gothicness but minus several billion for originality...
  8. young person....i'm truly flattered!
  9. would be good to spell things correctly before taking the urine for people and their chosen dress patterns.......otherwise you just make yourself look like a chav. 'LOBOTOMY'
  10. Aaaahh, it is once again confirmed to me that because I choose NOT to wear a tweed jacket and moleskins my command ability is adversely effected...or not.
  11. Work this out lads, i met a young person at work one day who was wearing a suit and a tie, which i recognised was an RAF job.
    I had to ask, as he was about the same age as an embryo, " When were you in the RAF"?
    His reply was " I was'nt it's my Dad's", i did find this a bit strange as in my view he is not entitled to wear it. Any views or are we going down the road of wearing other peoples medal's.
    Stranger still, last weekened i was in the Lake district and saw a guy in a white check shirt, yellow tie and waistcoat, grey tweeds plus four's climbing boots and daysack.
    Was he an American tourist given duff gen on what an English Gentleman wears in the country at the weekend.

    I was more scared than the Sheep.
  12. This is, I presume, the same syndrome which drives individuals to wear sports shirts, in colours in which they have never played, with someone else's name on the back.
  13. Fas Et Gloria, there is a lot of it about.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It wasnt me right!
    Nothing wrong with breeks for hill walking and although tweed has been superceded by "technical cloths" I still prefer tweed for the formal days. Admittedly I wear a game bag and carry a gun rather than a day sack!
  15. Ugly, should'nt you be at work or boiling heads !
    That guy in the lakes looked a right plum people were stopping and pointing at him , he was only about 30 yrs old i thought he was going to teach maths.