Off-duty soldier dies after fight


War Hero
I just found the following on the BBC news website.


In my opinion, the headline seems to make it sound as if L/Cpl McBlain was intentionally involved in a fight, as opposed to what actually happened. Or am I just reading too much into it?

I see your point about the headline - they could have written "Off-duty soldier dies after attack" or something similar, especially as he'd gone to the aid of a friend.

Rest In Peace, LCpl McBlain.


RIP Young man.

Funny how the majority of the press/public still see soldier as thugs who enjoy nothing more than a good fight!
Some ****ing start to the year! :evil:

An off-duty soldier killed trying to protect a friend, and a child fatally mauled by a pit bull dog.

Drink-fuelled assaults and the ownership of dangerous dogs are the hallmarks of a distinctive class. Will 2007 be the "Year of the Mong"?


Just found that myself, a very sad story.

I didn't think it implied he was aggressive, I believe it was very clear in indicating he went to help an injured friend. Good to see the coppers are investigating the initial attacks as attempted murder, it's a shame they won't end up swinging like Saddam.



War Hero
L/Cpl McBlain, RIP lad.

As always, thoughts are with family and friends.


RIP Soldier
Nemo nos impune lacessit.

I hope the knife-wielding scumbag who did it gets put away for life and raped with a broken bottle.

RIP Charlie.


War Hero
RIP Mate.
My condolences to family, friends and comrades.

Ne Obliviscaris.
RIP, a tragic loss to all of society
"Our understanding, at this time, is that Charles McBlain went to the assistance of a friend when he was fatally injured.

I'm just sorry I wasn't there with a cricket bat. :x

RIP L/Cpl McBlain.
RIP fella.

Sounds like it was quiet a big fight if the police released the fact that there were two disturbances involving in excess of 10 persons. I hope they get and pot the cnuts involved.

Hopefuly they'll get a decent sentence too. At least scots law is a bit more sensible then england & wales, so there's a good chance they will.

Let's hope they find the scum who did it and scoop his kidneys out with a spoon.

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