Off duty police officer shot dead in Clacton on Sea.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Poor bloke, just trying to help.

    RIP Lad.
  2. Looks like the Police have found the gunman's body. Sky News now.
  3. Might want to change the Thread title mate, Clacton not Colchester.
  4. RIP.

    It would be naive to go into the job thinking that any government gave a shite about you .
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  5. Unless you was a Fat Cat Banker funding their Party.
  6. Let's re-title the original post - 'Police Officer', please.

    Making belittling remarks about a man shot dead doing his duty only make the OP look like a complete plork.

  7. Agreed the above, change the title, makes the OP look like a knob.
  8. Usual journo mongs asking about how he was able to own a handgun, head plod trying to explain to mong the things are banned.
  9. RIP.

    If the officer was armed, would it have made a difference? Maybe. The baddies seem to get guns easy enough.
  10. I thought I heard on the news that he'd used a 12 bore?
  11. Probably not. Judging by the number of armed police being shot on the job in other countries.

  12. As the officer was off duty at the time I'd say it wouldn't have made much difference unless armed officers carried off duty like in some US states. That's a situation most police I've spoken to would not like to see.

    It's not often I'll comment on a RIP thread but it took some stones to confront an armed man while unarmed.

    A truly brave man.
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  13. It's time to start arming all the Police and bring back Hanging.
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  14. Well said.