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Off Down the Pub on Saturday Night?


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If he's surviving on flogging food then he's gone from a pub to a restaurant. A real pub serves crisps, scratchings and peanuts.
And only Walkers or Golden Wonder. No chorizo and balsamic vinegar flavour ‘posh’ crisps. They taste like shit generally.
I disagree. I’ve been a pub goer since I was 15 years old and I’ve always been sick to the teeth of going home smelling like an ash tray and wondering god knows what the smoke I’ve been inhaling all night is going to do to my lungs.

Why should I be at risk of COPD or lung cancer, both killer diseases, just because others have a smoking habit. Smokers are free to continue using pubs. They just have to go outside for a puff.
How many of your favourite pubs have become property or supermarkets since 13 years and one day ago?
You can still smoke in the HoC
One of my siblings is with a home counties force. They are laying on the same officer numbers as they would for a new years eve.

Serious trouble expected.
No doubt A&E will be fill by 2300, Covid spreading in full swing.
How many of your favourite pubs have become property or supermarkets since 13 years and one day ago?
You can still smoke in the HoC

Im fairly certain you can only smoke outside the HoC.
Hmm, I wonder. The landlords, breweries and pubcos will have been given quite a nasty shock by lockdown. The last thing they will want to do is frighten away more of their customers with price increases. Very much a buyers' market at the moment.

Its doubtful the breweries will care, they can flog their ale to supermarkets.
Pubcos seem to want to shut certain pubs so they can sell them as housing.
Landlords will get bummed though.


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The pubs died when the puritans made them smoke free

I've often wondered about this claim. Is it supported by any data or is it more anecdotal and spread around by an industry disgruntled by a failing business model but and who are unwilling to share any blame for that failure?

From my own long experience of pubs as a punter, there were certainly places where the majority of patrons smoked. They were usually the less salubrious kind of spit and sawdust boozers where the window shutters were on the inside or else crowded live music venues.

The majority of pubs and bars did not fall into this category. A few of the patrons might smoke, but unless you go back to the 1950s, the majority did not. Smoking was a dying habit (in both senses of the word) for some considerable time. I know that there were an awful lot of people, especially women, who would not set foot inside a pub because they resented being assaulted by the permafug generated by others. Even when I was a smoker myself, I found such an atmosphere unpleasant.

Presumably, a considerable number of these non-smokers were encouraged to start going to pubs once the smoking ban had been introduced.

In any case, the decline started many years before any smoking ban. Look at any old map and count the pubs that existed in any high street or village in, say, the 1940s. Compare that situation with the one in the1980s.

No, I think the industry needs to look elsewhere for the slump in business.
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At The "Clive" which is a less salubrious establishment it is £3;30 less 20p if Cardiff City are playing.

The Blues (who now play in Red?) ground isn't exactly central Cardiff thobut.

and if The Clive is named after '.....Of Injah' you can look forward to it getting levelled brick by brick by Somali Welsh anytime now....
Not in Wales though eh boys?

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The 13th by the look of it, but only beer gardens and social distancing making it as fin as the Labour Party conference
death for a lot of dry cleaners as well, apparently.
makes sense, if you think about it.
you always had the choice, if you didn't like the smell why did you go in the pubs? you knew what it was like inside, all you achieved was you took away a social way of life that a lot of men enjoyed.

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