Off Down the Pub on Saturday Night?


I wonder how The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds is getting on with social distancing? I used to love that place. My mate had his leaving do in there once. It was mental. I can't see it ever re-opening. Sad.

The Nutshell
Back in the late 70s I was doing a course in Bury and being at a loose end one night a mate and I went to the town hall to see the wrestling for a laugh, which it was.

Come half time the bar was rammed. I had a cunning plan;

'Let's nip outside I saw a pub sign we can avoid the crowd and get some decent beer into the bargain'.

Isn't the Nutshell small?


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The only time I visit a Spoons is if I'm staying away somewhere that doesn't do breakfast. A good old cheap Spoons brekker is always a pleasant restorative after a heavy night , but the pleasure is somewhat offset by the sight of people drinking pints and chasers at 0930. :puker:
I often work nights so a few drinkies in Spoons before I go to bed is normal for me.


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In the Billingham Spoons at 1030. Monged by midday. Mission accomplished.


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Well, that was a mistake.

we ended up next to an obnoxiously loud group. No aggro but being sat with my back to them made it difficult to relax when I was expecting a load of vomit down my neck any second.
You didn't think to leave then?
There’s no point me going down the pub, I’ve had one cider at home and I’m half cut. I’ll be legless if I have another.

Dr Death

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The Red Lion wanted us to book a drinking slot today, you have to book 1 hr slots only.
Seems they were expecting a rush of alcoholics, none turned up, we had 2 pints and left.
Had to give name & phone number as it is the boris law.


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The Libdems yet again prove to be a total fcuking embarrassment - a party of gutless grasses who would be more at home in Nazi Germany. What a total cnut Ed Davey is.

Coronavirus: Nigel Farage pub trip raised with Kent Police
By Chris Mason
Political correspondent, BBC News
1 hour ago

The acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Ed Davey, has written to Kent Police asking them to investigate whether Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has broken coronavirus quarantine rules.
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I ( honestly ) had not intended going down the pub today. One phonecall from a mate and I did - BOTH agreeing that if it looked like disorganised havoc we would drive on passed and give it a miss.
He leapt out , went in , came out and Thumbs Up. I parked the car.

What they had put in place to make it possible to re-start reinforced my pride in my fellow countrymen.
The systems they put in place - brilliant.

The actions of younger barmen... 80% but boys will be boys.

There will be another wave of this virus.

People will die - mostly in the city.


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My local looked very efficient and compliant from outside. Once inside business as usual.

Some people to chose to dice with death jumping out it aeroplanes, others by scuba diving, some by prolific unprotected shagging.

Me by having a pint.
I was driving to the supermarket today and went to a more distant establishment than usual as I needed to top up the battery a bit. On my journeys there and back I passed a number of pubs that are known to me. It seemed to me that it was the shitholes that were trading, while most of the decent places remained closed.

This was not a strictly scientific analysis.


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Well it looks like me time in pubs is well and truly finished. The boozers where I live, in a North East seaside town, are generally full of social detritus and pikies from Middlesbrough at the best of times. The only other establishment I would go to has just sacked Ronin Minor for calling the owner a cünt whilst setting up for reopening, so that’s now struck off my rapidly diminishing list of venues.

To be honest I’d rather sit in the garden, weather permitting, with the chief of domestic staff. There’s less risk of a ruck, developing passive COPD and experiencing the general enbuggerance of having to put up with local mongtards.

Plus, and this is a big plus for me, the beer is generally shit anyhow.

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Going by the news last night, the wearing of masks by staff going from table to table is optional.


I was cracking one one out to the blonde bit who looks a dirty scutter, old boy threw my stroke a bit and I had to change my mindset for the pisshead but happy to say the dwarf entering the scene gave my greatest release ever.
If that was my local I'd move.
I wonder how The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds is getting on with social distancing? I used to love that place. My mate had his leaving do in there once. It was mental. I can't see it ever re-opening. Sad.

The Nutshell
It didn't open.
Even if you're an end-stage alchie, there are better arrangements that can be made.
In my experience alcoholics at their worst drink at home with the curtains shut. Even Wetherspoons is too sociable.