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OFCOM to be given wide ranging powers that would kill off the likes of ARRSE

With all the crap spouted all over the internet esp on the crap social media platforms like twatter & facefcuk, the few staff that OFCOM do have will be pulled out policing all that tripe with very little time to spend reading the drivel that gets posted on here. The 'policing' of this sort of thing when overseas hosts are used aside, the amount of joeys needed to actually check stuff even with algorithm driven software doing the flagging makes it a joke. Intent bad, yes. Practicality? Less than a snow ball in hells chance.
They could subcontract this work to an "independently run" company in China.


What criteria could be used to decide whether or not online content is suitable for public consumption?

Can freedom of expression be maintained whilst stopping trolling and things such as libel or spreading falsehoods?

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