% of TA that have deployed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OriginalNick2, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    Would anyone know what the ratio is of Reservists that rock up to their training centre week in week out, to those that can/will/have deployed
  2. Sorry, arrse app won't allow me to edit original post, meant to add thanks in anticipation and thy this is for AOSB prep.

  3. Out of all the numbers being bandied about, the TA has app 14k trained and usable soldiers, with app 1700 deploying each tour you get app a 1/9 ration deployed each tour. So actually punching above weight bla etc

    Not as bad as some people would make out.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    It varies significantly by unit and sub unit, and also by time.

    Some units have a very high mobilisation rate, others much lower. Some units foolow the OCP, and as such have a surge of deployed people every 2.5 years or so, others trickle feed small numbers on a continuous basis.
  5. Thanks guys,

    Just thinking this through...

    So if a large proportion of the TA do/can/will deploy on ops where is the current bottleneck preventing say 100% deploying?

    I would assume it lies with things like time off full time employment for training and deployments which would be increased under the proposals, and also, where the current line is with family/personal circumstances in that a member of the TA may well decline the offer of a trip to Afghan etc?

    Although, I did hear something about the Armed Forces Bill that may suggest this could change - need to check up on that though...

    Cheers for the info!

  6. What is this WW2?
  7. Nope,

    But in my opinion if you join the TA it is on the understanding you ma be asked/made to deploy. Obviously this isn't the case.

    If the TA numbers are increased though would we have a massive reservist force with a considerable proportion of which can't/won't mobilise, either due to personal or employer circumstances.

  8. Nick - its not so much the % deployed, but the % of posts that force planners feel need augmentation through reservists. Its also about sustainment of posts beyond one tour - my own (albeit specialist) unit has a smallish number of posts deployed at any one time - when you realise that we turn them over twice a year, then you identify that roughly 25% of the unit is involved in either going on tour, demobilising or being cycled in to the mobilisation plot at any one time. Thats essentially a 100% mobilisation rate every 4 years for my own unit.

    I'm just back from a tour (2nd op tour in 4 years) and am now having to think about when I'll have to go again...
  9. Thanks Jim, very interesting.

  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    TA are mobilised on a purely voluntary basis. Given that the TA quite rightly* comes third - after family, and work**, a lot of people cannot deploy for one period or another. Add to that the fact that many TA jobs are never needed in mobilisation, and also that a lot of people may have mobilised already and be 'timed out' for a while, and finally that many more go once and quit, and you get the numbers being bandied about. Oh, and add to that the TA turnover, which is (and always has been) approaching 30% per year** , and you see how numbers add up.

    A snapshot of how many TA are deployed at one time is, really, utterly useless as a planning tool, and one of how many deployed in the past is prety crap too - it does not allow for multiple engagements, for example.

    In short, your question cannot be answered, and is not really meaningful until a General Mobilisation happens - and it's not going to.

    *If it doesn't, then bugger off and join the Regs, please.

    **Many employers look askance at people volunteering to take over a year off work - and you can't really blame them.

    ***If you think that high, take a look at your Unit's REcruit Training - how many have they had in through the doors over a year, and how mnay of them end up fully trained, and later, much later usually, become deployable. And that's no allowing for 'normal' turnover of people moving, changing jobs, getting married, old, or broken down physically.
  11. Snowy,

    I'm not a member of, nor have applied for the TA.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear but I was thinking through how the recent announcement of cutting reg troop numbers and increasing the use of reservists on ops would work.

    I totally agree that for a volunteer, the TA should be third place, an that the decision to deploy is voluntary Nd likely to be based on personal and employment commitments.

    This presents the argument that the whole thing might not be such an excellent idea, although I'm sure has some merits... Somewhere.

    As with all discussions that I'm likely to be asked about at AOSB I think it good form to consider both the "for" and "against" points.

    Apart from the increase in pay and training or those reservists that want to/can deploy, what would see as the benefits, especially with you being, as far as I can tell, TA?

  12. Family, in my experience, is the biggest barrier, with 'the long haired general' ie her indoors, being the biggest barrier of all specially when left with kids.

    Some blokes refer to tours as a 'family break' ie a break from the family.

    In my experience employers do not interfere and many have policies, like the NHS, that support the TA.

    The biggest benefit in my experience is the chance to do the job you've trained for, to support Britain's interests and the chance to give a break to our fulltime collegues who get spammed with back to back tours.

    Hope this helps
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  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fairy Nuff - and although my depolyable days are over (unless something goes Very Wrong Indeed) I'm still involved in Reserves stuff, so to deal with your points:

    Increase in pay and training?
    - Probably means an increase in the number of MTDs available. It would take a pretty hefty increase to get it back to the level of even a few years ago. I remember when it was pretty common for people to do over 60 MTDs a year, and quite a few did over 100 a year. The 'official' average level was once, ISTR, around 42, and it's been reduced steadily ever since, year-on-year, as for LAND the TA MTD budget is one of the very few in-year financial levers that still exist. Only once have they been caught doing this - in 2009, when a revolt (in Parliament) forced a climbdown. Other than that, training - that is, money available to pay TA when training - has been cut remoreselessly, and it will be interesting to see how many MTDs are actually finded next year.- is the Dr Fox restoring the situation of the days pre-Blair? It would be nice to think so.

    Benefits of being in the TA?
    - Check the SaBRE website for the official line. For others, ask on here :)

    Five days MACA/MACP each year
    - Ask anyone who remembers it of the deadly boring horror that was the CCRF - an idea invented solely to protect the TA Infantry (who would otherwise have been binned pretty much totally), it achieved this (luckily for us in TELIC/HERRICK), but was otherwise a massive waste of time, money and effort. With MOD demanding full reimbursement (not their fault - Govt Accounting Rules rule) it's always going to be cheaper to deploy council workers or contractors for all but the very very worst scenarios. And they have never happened in the UK yet - we're not talking FMD or Lockerbie here, but a much larger event.
    What this probably means in practise is 5 MTDs a year - 2 weekends - wasted again, one with a TEWT, and the other repairing canals, moving stuff for chairdeees around the country, and other misuses of taxpayer's money. Jaundiced? Me? Oh yes.....