Of Sluts and Charges

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. So Von Thomas's bespunked dress thread got me thinking: how many guys, Officers or Men, straight or hom, have gotten the Grand horsec@ck at the hands of the PC Harrasment nazis?We all know women join the Forces for one of 3 reasons;
    1) To get a man
    2) To get away from a man
    or 3) To BE a man.
    Specimens 2,3 are dangerous to all red blooded squaddies. If given the smallest chance, they will Judas you out to the SexPest squad for a wink or a congratulatory pat on the a ss.

    So what is the widest, stupidest, most outrageous abuse or overextension of Harrasment policy you've seen?
  2. "Son, you will never get promoted until you aknowledge the existence of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ."

    This to me from an overzealous officer.

    She got busted a few weeks later for adultery.

    Thank God.
  3. Yep, I was a key component in my oppo being awarded the first ...now calm yourselves..."yellow card" on the Cov.

    Wound a rats wren up and my mate rembrandted her when she gobbed off.

    The memories of stifled giggles at the flightdeck warrant reading will stay with me for life.
  4. Got "re-briefed" also for winding the baby wrens up that they'd have to have their hair shaved if we did start kickin off with Iraq again ('97) Fire hazard and anti-flash etc etc.

    I could quite easily start a shit wrens thread but I know some feckin ace ones so I won't.
  5. In the days when WRACs were RAX the thing we screw against walls, I was addressing my Pl at Bordon when one said rak walked between me and them without so much as a by your leave. When I pulled her up for this she gobbed off, not a good idea in front of the men. Not willing to accept this and also not wanting take it further I nipped it in the bud in time honoured SNCO fashion by Telling her to:
    "Fukc off and stick a coke bottle in yer pi*s flaps ya fukcin fat ugly dog".
    I was called in for a chat with the CSM a few days later only to be advised that there are going to be different ways of dealing with female soldiers in the future. What happened in between I cannot imagine.
    How times have changed. :lol:
  6. Indeed.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Can't think why.....
  8. Because of the PC brigade.
  9. Its a no win situation, no matter what.
  10. Not about sluts (unless you count me and the RSM because it was just us!) but more of a PC thing.

    The RSM actually asked me (a tom) if I didn't mind doing a job. In his own words he said "just let me know if it's too demeaning for you, ok?"

    I thought he was taking the piss but he looked very serious, and TBH he has no sense of humour anyway!

    T C
  11. Had a Major in Bordon basic who tried to get us out to bible classes.
  12. For a brief period in my service life, I was a WO PSI with a TA unit. At my first OC's 'O Group', a five foot and a fag packet female 2nd Lt asked the OC what courses she needed to do to become a Tp Comd. He responded with "Go and see Q k13eod after the meeting and he will let you know".

    After the meeting I was in my office briefing two of the Tp SSgts about training when aforementioned dwarf with f@nny barged in and interrupted with "So Q ... what do I need to be a Tp Comd".

    Furious at the rudeness of this I couldn't help but reply: "Fcuking taller and a bloke. Now fcuk off."

    Midget biatch in tears and me up to HQ for a coffeeless chat. No wonder they sent me back to the Falklands for 16 months!