Of interest to the RAF on Arrse.

This circa 1990 Swiss Alfex special RAF edition wrist watch, is up for auction on ::Hols for Heroes - Rare Watch - ends 8/8/10

It was bought as a memento and has never been worn, still has the protective clear tape on the back and is absolutely mint. The dial is RAF blue, with the full Raf motto and motif. It is high quality gold plate with stainless steel back and is a typical Swiss quality watch. If you Google Alfex Watches, you'll get a good idea of the intrinsic value.
It's unlikely that another one like it and in this condition exists..and I'm hoping that someone will now get good use from it or maybe use it on special occasions and in the process will have made a worthwhile contribution to a very good cause.

Yes, I have had a new battery installed and the watch is water resistant.

As this is a charity thing I will refrain from asking, if its a RAF watch, does that mean it doesnt work at the weekends or when its cold and/or wet....

(No offence intended. Except to Crabs of course. They know why....)


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You may ask, and I may respond that it needs only five-star accommodation. But I may also respond

Please bid - it's for a good cause, and we do support all services.

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