Of Beards, Military Protocol, And Outrage



I note the above and wish to know what religion I need to subscribe to in order to have my own bear. In addition, which species are consider smarter? I quite fancy the idea of having my own one. Is there a JSP that would cover the accommodation, feed etc? ;-)
Russian Orthodoxy obvs...


No-one? Really? OK then, I guess it's down to me..

Note the pristine combats, the washing and ironing of which must have used up all the water and electricity available in the isolated FOB, otherwise surely a shave would have followed before his return home...
Raf regiment obviously srdg have no time, show them a mirror and out come the oakleys
I defer to your knowledge HLD DMR, probably being more recent than my own, but my understanding is that a Piper of ANY rank can wear a beard with permission.
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It depends on the regiment as far as I know, and down to battalions when dealing with SCOTS. Since the formation of the Highlanders in 94 (Gillies grew one)it was traditionally only the pm and ps but didn’t really take hold until 4 SCOTS came into existence. Like yourself I have come across pipers with beards over the years, but never asked any questions because I didn’t feel like hearing a load a shite about how superior pipers are to drummers so they are entitled to wear a beard....
I'd be interested to see if/when tests were last carried out to determine the effect of facial hair and respirators or other equipment, also, don't the Andrew use respirators?
Yes, but we don't get a proper face-seal with a beard. It's the same when wearing breathing apparatus for fire-fighting.


on track relaying they demand clean shaven three hours before the shift. They don't want to pay for the big over head ones
I'm planning a beard to be a cunt
Yes, but we don't get a proper face-seal with a beard. It's the same when wearing breathing apparatus for fire-fighting.
I’m guessing that leakage due to beard growth from respirator/breathing apparatus face seals is to an acceptable level?
Most if not all modern SCBA operate at positive pressure so mask leakage isn’t as much of an issue. Being a BA user for many years with both air cushion and reflex seal face masks, I find that even being clean shaven, if I’ve been working hard then perspiration can begin to affect the mask seal.
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Has anyone mentioned Maj-Gen Wingate yet?

Mind you, he was a bit barmy.
I was a TTS at 8sigs with his nephew in the early 80s. He was surprised that I even had heard of Orde Wingate..
The RN requires a "full set", or nothing. Some years ago I wanted to write to the Telegraph letters page, suggesting this was sex discrimination, as many senior WREN could manage a decent 'tache, but couldn't do the full set. Was persuaded against it. Probably as well, as I was still in uniform.
Lets not forget we have had many a bearded Army hero in the past. Until the mid-19th century, facial hair was unusual in the British Army except for the infantry pioneers, who traditionally grew beards. A small minority of officers wore moustaches. During the 1800s, the attitude to facial hair changed as a result of the Indian and Asian Wars. Many Middle Eastern and Indian cultures associated facial hair with wisdom and power. As a result, facial hair, moustaches and side whiskers in particular, became increasingly common on British soldiers stationed in Asia. In the mid-19th century, during the Crimean War, all ranks were encouraged to grow large moustaches, and full beards during winter.

After the Crimean war, regulations were introduced that prevented serving soldiers of all ranks from shaving above their top lip, in essence making moustaches compulsory for those who could grow them, although beards were later forbidden. This remained in place until 1916, when the regulation was abolished by an Army Order dated 6 October 1916. It was issued by Lieutenant General Sir Nevil Macready, Adjutant General to the Forces, who loathed his own moustache and immediately shaved it off. However, there is considerable evidence in photographs and film footage that the earlier regulations were widely ignored and that many British soldiers of all ranks were clean-shaven even before 1916. This was often because the penalty for not growing a moustache was rarely enforced, as it wouldn't hold in hold in civilian authority over military court for court-martialling.

Bears can be smart and are allowed on religious grounds. Currently the hipster trend is very popular and by allowing serving soldiers to grow beards it may be one of those things that enhances both retention and recruitment. So why don't we just have a grown up decision that beards can be sported with the proviso that they can also be shaved off if required for operational reasons - although I hear that a good dollop of Vaseline(R) does the trick with a respirator if push comes to shove.
According to Professor Richard Holmes and officer had been court martialled for shaving off his moustache and been sentenced to be cashiered. The officer's defence was that he was an actor in civilian life and the moustache was ruining his skin. Macready was the confirming officer and he overturned the decision, using it as an excuse to change the regulations.
I think we can safely say Prince Harry won't need to don a ressy anytime soon and he is the Queens grandson so can choose whatever he likes from the world's best dressing up box .

Personally I think he should switch to a decent droopy bandito number.
I reckon he'd be better going for a toothbrush moustache.


he is right a full face/head ressi is available and the current issue one is shit for shooting anyway

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