Of Beards, Military Protocol, And Outrage

I met HRH the Duke of Kent at Thiepval for the 75th anniversary remembrance of the Somme offensive in 1991. He was in his Field Marshal's uniform, with beard. And he looked just like King George V did when the Thiepval Memorial was unveiled in 1920. The protocol has always been that royals are entitled to wear beards with Army uniform. It saddens me that in these present times, and in remembrance of our recent past, people can find no better outlet for their indignation than a tradition that has been established for more than a century.

People Left Outraged After Prince Harry Broke Military Protocol During Remembrance Day Parade
Is Harry still drawing a salary from the Army? If yes, he should have had a fecking shave; if no; thanks for turning up but why didn't you wear a suit like everybody else?
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I also forgot random Royal Artillery battery traditions that require a full set....

As well as the AGC....

That impressive as it is, is not a full set!


Battleaxe company, is that the mob where the personnel are all female and change over weekly?




of 'em

There's bound to be some room in the Tower of London to make an example of a few Cromwellian pogonophobes.
Today I have learnt "pogonophilia".

I shall use it forthwith.
I too used to enjoy dancing like that at punk gigs.
I wonder if there really is an issue with beard-equipment interface or is it merely a convenient excuse? Quite a few of our European allies seem not to have issues with bearded soldiers. I'd be interested to see if/when tests were last carried out to determine the effect of facial hair and respirators or other equipment, also, don't the Andrew use respirators?
There was a letter in Soldier magazine last year iirc on the subject of beards which some brigadier replied to, airily implying that it would be too much bother to determine an appearance standard for beards.
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No-one? Really? OK then, I guess it's down to me..

Note the pristine combats, the washing and ironing of which must have used up all the water and electricity available in the isolated FOB, otherwise surely a shave would have followed before his return home...

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