oeing EMP "bomb"

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by happybonzo, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Sounds like the thing they had in spooks.
  2. The exact details on how the device was made will remain a secret, but we do know that it is transmitted from a missile-like device that flies over the intended target and directs its concentrated microwave energy.

    Does that mean that in addition to wrecking my TV, PC and washing machine it will also cook everything in my fridge and freezer at the same time?

  3. What's the intended use for this sci fi type kit?
  4. Knackering Iranian centrifuge controllers?!
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  5. To prevent us watching Porn on the Internet. The Bastards!!!
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  6. Nah, that's a 'Neutron Bomb'. EMP weapons just **** up electronics - apart from old fashioned transistors- which is why the Russkies had them in their Mig 25s. Hence, our planes wouldn't be able to fly, theirs would.
  7. If you want a pretty accurate view of what would happen in the event of a nationwide EMP attack check this book out. It is set in rural Septic land and as such some of the dialogue is idiomatic but the author is retired US Navy and was involved in EMP weapons programs. One Second After: Amazon.co.uk: Forstche: Books
  8. Its a scary thought especially considering how reliant we are on electronic gubbins these days.

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  9. There was talk of EMP/HPM weapons on another board a few weeks ago, specifically in relation to their potential to deployed against the Iranian nuclear program without mass casualties...
  10. Get the book! Very sobering.
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  11. the book predicts up to 90 percent die off after losing power.
  12. Valves/tubes... they didnt have transistors, when the engineers got finished with taking the Tokyo Mig-25 to bits, so may defence/mig25 contracts were cancelled. It could achieve it wonderful ceiling and climb rate.... on the assumption it could glide and do combat without fuel for the next two hours.

    And it was made out of stainless steel..... and as one engineer commented "It's one step beyond wood".
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  13. The bastards!!! Time to start downloading as much as possible then I guess.