ODR/PCR mileage rates

Could somebody please explain to me in 'laymans' terms the eligibility for both PCR and ODR?

I have been through the JSP, but can't make head nor tail of it. I'm not much of a paperwork guru and have been unable to get any sort of sensible answer out of our unit admin staff, other than the fact that all claims should be submitted as PCR. No reason, merely a blanket statement that PCR is the way forward.

I'd be grateful of some sort of definitive information if at all possible. Thanks in advance and apologies if this has been done to death elsewhere-I haven't been able to find anything pertinent using the search function.
Without resorting to copying large chunks of JSP 752, ODR is only for use in exceptional circumstances. It also means that your vehicle can be used for official journeys in the future, and that vehicle must be used for all journeys made by you at public expense.

04.0606. Future Use of Vehicle. When granted authority to claim MMA at ODR for using a private motor vehicle on official duty, Service personnel are to be advised that they will be expected to use the vehicle subsequently, at ODR or PCR as appropriate, when asked by the MOD and to carry official passengers, if so directed,unless there is a change of circumstances which makes further use unreasonable.
They should not, therefore, subsequently be permitted travel by more expensive means (eg hired transport), on official duties for which it is practicable for them to travel in their private motor vehicle.

Sorry if this is still a bit too wordy, JT might be able to get it down better than I can :D

What Elsie said, but in absolute LAYMENS terms: Pretend ODR doesn't exsist!

As emphasised by Elsie, if you ever (somehow) manage to convince your CO to authorise ODR, your car becomes an MT vehicle and you an MT driver for the forseeable future.

Be all and end all, it can be done, but don't, it just aint worth it for the sake of a few pennies per mile.

Thank you very much for a comprehensive yet understandable definition. As an aside, it seems to be of very limited validity and application; equally the title 'Official Duty Rate' is somewhat misleading given the caveats applied to eligibility.

A number of my (very junior) chaps have had claims turned around by admin staff citing PCR/ODR as the reason- all were in the belief that they were travelling 'on duty' and thus eligible for ODR. Your answer will now give me something more concrete to tell them, rather than 'just do it 'cos the admin folks say so'.

I myself will continue to go with PCR as I have no desire to become a career driver any time soon!

Thanks again,

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