Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Spuggie, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. After the MCM Div roadshow this has been a speculation.... what do people think to this??!!
  2. April 1992 - all non medics were 'removed from the ranks of the RAMC, all non nurses were removed from the QARANC at the same time

    Its a NURSING Corps, and no disrespect to my colleagues in pyjamas sat in the coffee room but you aint nurses. I can see the logic of having a hospital corps, because if you say ODPs work in a hospital therefore must be QA's then Doctors, Pharmacists, etc etc also work in a hospital ...

    Another bright idea, brought to you by the Officer of Wheel Re-invention
    A fully functioning Whitehall department since 1805 (if not before)
  3. A couple of years before I left when I was an ODP WO1 and Dep Head of the cadre I was asked by the QA NEA what I thought about ODPs moving across to the QAs because she had been discussing it with DANS, I said it would be a great idea because the QAs look after their people better than the RAMC do, after all the RAMC is for doctors and everyone else who wears the capbadge are second class citizens. Of course youd get the duty whingers who say theyd rather leave than become a QA but of course actions speak louder than words, how many RAMC nurses left the Army rather than become a QA back in 1992 despite their rantings about doing so?

    ODPs are closer to nursing than they are to any of the other RAMC trades when it comes to clinical work.

    QAs have managed to get their people on a separate pay spine, specialist pay for certain branches (such as scrub nurses and if scrub nurses can get it then surely ODPs who can scrub, recovery and do anaesthetics must be in for a shout) and get their people away on CPD course etc..

    Great idea, far to long in coming, should have happened years ago.

    Army 'scrub only' nurses should also be aware that many NHS and Private Hospitals are no longer recruiting scrub nurses, they want 'Theatre Practitioners', so if you havent got the anaesthetic qualification its back to the wards.

    Where I work the scrubbers have been given the ultimatum that they do the gases course or get a dept move.

    Its nothing new, this topic was discussed Here:

    http://www.arrse.co.uk/professionally-qualified-ramc-qaranc/48358-odps-re-badge-qa.html in Jan 2007

    and here:

    http://www.arrse.co.uk/professionally-qualified-ramc-qaranc/46035-odps-rebadge-qas.html in Nov 2006

    my esteemed nursing collegue sat having a coffee in the ward office, none taken however may I just point out that neither are HCAs!
  4. A move in the right direction if it every happens. Its about time the ODPs got some career parity with their nursing colleagues.
  5. From what I've seen ODPs do all that work in theatres (as they always have; OTTs before the title changed to ODP) and theatre nurses scrub and hand instruments etc! Which is exactly what ODPs do, plus anaesthetics, plus recovery, plus CSSD. The question should be WHY DOES THE DMS NEED THEATRE NURSES???? (there are VERY FEW theatre nurses that do anaesthetics etc; ODPs are the Perioperative Practitioners)

    It makes sense, as FF suggests for ODPs to become part of the QARANC as they are more patient care focused that other AHPs, any there would appear to be more opportunities if ODPs became QAs....... Maybe ODPs might get the recognition IMHO if they became QAs?
  6. Some would say there were very few theatre nurses who scrubbed although I did have the pleasure of working with some storming theatre nurses like the Scottish bloke called Taff and Nicki with the infectious (or should it be infected?) laugh.

    Maybe if the ODP trade did rebadge to QA and was to be renamed 'Perioperative Practitioner' the military could actually do away with the theatre nurse trade and those nurses who are unwilling to do the anaesthetic module and become 'Perioperative Practitioners' should return to the ward.
  7. When I did my theatre course in 2004/5 it was mandatory that an anaesthetic practice module was studied. All the nurses I have spoken to subsequently have had to do an anaesthetic module so one would hope that most nurses that remain in clinical practice (the NCOs and capts/majs) will be qualified. It's the staff officers that used to be theatre nurses that get wheeled out for deployments that will be difficult to convert.
  8. wouldn't it be easier just to scrap it all - and be cap badged AMS
  9. Funnily enough - AMS cap-badge is not that far off......................
  10. Logical step really after combining all services at Keogh really. Note I said logical, not desirable.
  11. Foxy I agree with you but do so hate all QAs who work in perioperative practice to be tarred with the same brush.
    Havent finished my 9 month course in anesthethic practice inc RCA Competency package was somewhat astounded to be told by a senior ODP that the triservice anaesthetic apparatus cse is only for ODPs....
    Having worked as a theatre manager prior to joining I couldnt give a monkeys wether nurse or ODP as long as they can do the job.
    If ODPs becoming QA capbadge means we can more effectively promote and manage career and FST structure then why not? Theatre practitioners... do keep up...
  12. 'Theatre Practitoners' is so yesterday, most NHS and Private settings are advertising for 'Anaesthetic Practitoners' who scrub and do recovery these days, they arent asking specifically for ODPs or Scrub nurses. I think that its only the military and some old NHS biddies desperate to cling to the power that only nurses once had in theatres ('its my registration blah blah blah') who differentiate between scrub nurses and ODPs these days.
  13. deleted upon refelction!!
  14. Co's most QA 'Theatre Practitioner's' ONLY scrub the majority are NOT multidiscipline (regardless of what 9 MONTH course thay did!)... Lets face it, theatre nurses are comfortable JUST scrubbing! Do Keep Up with reality feelingsleepy. IMHO, If ODPs became QAs it would the the death of the trade.

  15. How come mate, not arguing just would like to hear why you think so