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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by chezacoote, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Ok so I start my ODP DipHE in September and my aim is to join up as a regular once qualified.

    My question for u guys is, should I aim to get some military experience whilst I am training, such as TA or UOTC ? (although as there is no officer entry for ODP the latter is probably not an option).

    Also, if I am to join as professionally qualified, can I start the application process while I am still at Uni?

    I will be 30 (old bird) once qualified so want to hit the grown running?

  2. my advice....

    don't do anything until you've qualified - you won't have time to do recruit training whilst on the ODP course at BCU. It's not like the usual student doss about. You only get 6 weeks holiday per year, split 2 xmas, 2 easter, 2 late summer. You'll be on clinical placement 80% of the time working 8am-6pm, and even when you're in uni block, lectures are 9am til 4pm mon-fri. Plus dont forget all those assignments/personal study that you need to do. Weekends are the only time you get to do coursework and reading!

    p.s... you do know as a qualified ODP you will earn 21-25k in the NHS, but only 14k starting in the Army don't you? Shocking yes i know =|
  3. Thank you. Good advice. I am aware of the pay difference and will take my two years training to way up my options. Thanks again