ODP or Nurse

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by berob91, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Evening,

    Quck Quezzie...

    Operating Department Practitioner or EM Nurse?

    Which job is better? (in your own opinions)

    Unfortunately the army recruiting guide doesn't go into massive detail... And I'd like to know a bit more about the jobs

  2. EM nurse? Let's say nurse.

    Both degree courses.

    Nurse is higher prestige, more flexibility.

    ODP is for theatres, A&E & ITU.
    ODPs are thin on the ground and usually a spirited bunch (in my opinion).

    I am an ODP. I don't know your strengths and weaknesses so I can't make an informed decision. In my opinion you need to be feisty as an ODP and know when to gob off and when to shut up; you work alone & you are the boss' wingman.

    Nurses, well, I would say you're one of the wolf pack but I won't so let one of them tell you!

    Mrs Snakey is a senior wolf...

    Hope this helps,

    (the NMC already have a fatwa out on me!)

    In Arduis Fidelis Rodders!
  3. Cheers Mr Snakey!. Well my Dad was an SODP and a ODP with 219 FH. But unfortunately no longer about to talk to me and guide me through the ODP life.

    Sounds like my kind of job. I wanted to be a CMT but after speaking to mates who are currently CMT's there seems no prospect after serving (or much anyway!). I think what I wanted Nursing wise was the chance to be in a MERT team. I like the prospect of having any situation thrown my way.

    As for my own experience, I'm on a foundation degree course in Health which progresses me to ODP degree or Nursing. I have served with the OTC and Rifles. Transferring to a Field Hospital as we speak...
  4. ODP! It's in your blood!

    Choose wisely grasshopper!
  5. Definately Nurse.
    Much better employment oportunities available.
  6. More flexibility aye.

    The rest, not in my experience.
  7. Thanks. I think... I will eventually go there.

    Care to go into detail? What was your daily routine?
  8. If you want to be part of the MERT then your choosing the wrong Service, you need to be an ED Nurse in the RAF.

    PM me if you'd like a natter about ODP.