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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by captain.j, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. How true is it? .....That "he who would be god" is recruiting for ODP officers? and if so.... what rank do you have to be?
  2. The future development of commissioned opportunities for ODPs forms part of the AHP Structural Review and is still ongoing with a great deal more hard work in the development yet to come before they happen. There is no current recruiting for ODP Officers and when it does happen, I'm sure like other commission application opportunities the DIN will be published and will contain the required information.

    I would also imagine that when applications for eligable ODPs are invited, they will be late entry and open to applications from exceptional Staff Sergeants and above.

  3. same as usual? itll happen 'next year'?
  4. Same as Tech pay is just around the corner... fanar fanar olay olay biscuit barrel!
  5. thats being a bit elitist, why only ssgts and above. nurses can commision from cpl. is this an indication of how the trade is going to be ruled by certain individuals, it seems that some of these blue eyed boys and girls may have already been earmarked.

    dont get me wrong im all for those getting a commision if they have done the work, have got the experience and deserve it. but to make it so elitist. Its a big apple, maybe some other people may want the chance to have a bite.

    Any news on the ODP jncos who are busted to lcpl getting their ranks back. or is that still in the pipeline........or just me being cynical!

    The Aussie Army has never looked so inviting. ;)
  6. Its a tech commision (same as BMS, Rad techs etc..)not a nursing commission, also CMTs can only commission from WO2 & WO1.
  7. To be picky, Cbt Med Techs, like all ORs, can apply for a commission from any rank, although those aged under 29 will have to apply for a DE commission and attend AOSB.

    Under current regulations, all AMS WOs aged 30 and over may apply for a LE MSO commission.
  8. sorry I thought that we were talking tech trade commissions! You cant go down the DE route to commission into a tech trade.
  9. Yet.
  10. True, if a qualified techie went to Sandhurst and did the year long course I suppose he/she could take a tech commission, hell of a waste of a year at Sandbags though!
  11. Now if your talking old Joe walks in off the street with said ODP/BMS/Radiography degree and gets DE commissioned with no previous working experience of the intricacies of these specialised trades within the military, then watch a hell of a lot of experience walk out the exit door.
    The reason for LE Commission in these trades is the experience cannot be brought in from the NHS it can only be gained as a Tom and working your way up, see the TA for examples of this where PQOs of TA Field Hospitals cannot be left in charge of said departments, or where they have problems exist or where regular SNCOs run the department with a TA PQO as nominal head of department.

    Now I am sure you Neanderthal will come up with a cunning plan to subjugate all I have said and maybe accuse me of being rather blinkered.... :wink:
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    A year at Sandhurst is never wasted! :lol:
  13. Not cynical PeterK4y just ill informed... firstly as dui-lai pointed out 'the reason for LE Commission in these trades is the experience cannot be brought in from the NHS it can only be gained as a Tom and working your way up' and secondly as I understand it nurses are on a different type of engagement, I think its called 'common terms of service' and also please correct me if I'm wrong isnt the nursing strength 4 or 5 times larger than ODPs and could absorb DE officers to enable them to gain experience? And finally if you think the Aussie Army is inviting then... good luck to you! The grass aint always greener pal.
  14. It's quite simple really, the reason for the difference between Tech commisions and Nurse commissions.

    Tech's are commissioned and go into roles such as head of trade or head of training. (Need experience)

    Nurses are commissioned and then go back to do the same job as they did as a Cpl. (No experience other than being a Nurse)
  15. Erm!...Not strictly....No, not at all true i'm afraid. Who told you that? Probably a Cpl who applied and was rejected!