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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by laurie85, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I am a qualified ODP and have always been interested in joining the army directly as an officer (Was offered a Welbeck space when i was 16). I'm 23 now and have been down to my local careers office and have another meeting there early January. After reading this forum I can see that ODP's have just been offered commisions and from reading that topic it doesnt seem like anyone has taken one yet. I realise because of this nobody can give me much information on what the job would involve as an officer but can anyone tell me what an Army ODP role is like? Does it differ much from civilian ODP? Can you further your training or specialise? Also does anyone know whether just the diploma from ODP training is enough to go directly in as an officer? They ask for A-levels which i don't have and I'm not sure if my qualifications are equivalent.

    Thankyou in advance for your advise,

  2. have you tried ringing the ODP Trg school to see what you will need to do to become a ODP in the army , i undertsnd that you are qualified but there are a few differences that you may have to comply with to become a Class1 Military ODP. ( Transition to military Practice course)

    I know way back when direct entrant ODP had to to CSSD and plasters to get their class 1 money

    You will also need degree for commsion or when selcted you will be loaded on one

    Im sure Filbert will have a say on this subject
  3. ODP isnt a degree tho at present. It's a DipHE :? I am a little confused tho, as seems other healthcare professionals can get a commission, such as Doctor, or Nurse. I was thinking that as soon as i've got my qualification, i'd be eligible for a commission as a healthcare professional? 8)
  4. Could i ask what rank and pay a qualifed ODP would enter the Army at? cheers 8)
  5. Dave,
    Even Qualified ODP's who join the army have to start at the rank of Private, this has been a stumbling block for recruitment in the past as the pre qualified ODP doesn't want to take the hit of losing so much money and reverting from a civvie to a Pte's wage. Even though the long term gains are good!
  6. Dave, if you have lots of questions why not go and see the military ODP training school, which is based in the same city at which you are presently studying. :roll:
  7. Why? What does it have to do with the 'Pre Reg' Training School? Laurie would be better off speaking with RAMC Recruiting... Laurie PM me for the contact details if you don't have them).

    Cokecan, Perhaps you should read the latest DGPL then you'd be able to give some correct guidance?

  8. Dave,

    Check your PMs.

  9. ...Doctors and Nurses have A-levels and degrees.
  10. So to, do many ODPs Carcass...
  11. ... and not all nurses have degrees either... Anyhow - having a degree is irrelevant to being 'comissionable'. For as many hideously bad officers with degrees there are amazing ones without (and vice versa).

    ODP or not, it seems that all you want is a commission without spending any time in the ranks first. Bad form...
  12. Karabinar,

    I agree it is disapointing the lack of applicants for the ODP commission after bleating for so long about it and it may be misconstrued as apathy, but has anyone looked at the times lines for this commission. Talk about tight ! considering all the hoops you have to go through to complete this process
  13. With regards to the degree thats what was said at a CEG Meeting and fed back down the chain. There is no Degreee in ODP but there is in perioperative practice and other areas. Teesside uni is just starting to look at and build a degree programme to start in a few years.
  14. Agreed they were announced 31 October to be at MCM december
  15. Really?

    I seem to recall the words used were... 'the aspiration is that, all those comissioned be loaded onto the degree'. There are several universities which offer a similiar programme and have done for several years; Birmingham City being one.