ODP information wanted please

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sharontheODP, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. I am going to university in September to train as an ODP, I have always had a passion to go in the armed forces, and to be honest the RN would be my 1st choice espically as my husband is a submariner, but you cant join as a ODP. My question is where do ODPs serve in the Amry? I am not aware of any bases near Faslane but my husband could get a draft to Pompy or Plymouth if there was a base near there.

    Any help would be gratefully recieved.
  2. sharontheODP,

    Army assignments available are MDHU Portsmouth, MDHU Frimley Park, MDHU Northallerton, RCDM Birmingham, 22 Field Hospital (Aldershot), 33 Field Hospital (Gosport), 34 Field Hospital (York), 16 CS Med Regt (Colchester), Duke of Connaught Unit (Belfast), TPMH (Cyprus), 1 CS Med Regt (Germany) & 3 CS Med Regt (Yorkshire).

  3. Also a post at AMSTC in Strensall

    Although 1cs and 3 cs are going to go when IMSB comes in, and ODP will come from DMETA like they do at the moment for other deployments
  4. c0kecan,

    I stand corrected about AMSTC however as for the rest; how ill informed you are...

  5. thats what i had been told what might happen. sorry if im wrong my mistake :p

    I was under the impression that those posts were going.
  6. Thanks for the information guys, sounds like if my husband can get redrafted down south then it is possible I could be in the area, although clearly this is not certain as needs of the service always come first. But Thanks I didnt know ODPs where so wide spread.

    I am really thinking about joining the army, going to do a year of my ODP course and then make moves into the AFCO and spend the next 2 years getting fit because I need to.

    Thanks Again
  7. You can train as an ODP in the Royal Navy. First apply and complete 'Medical Assistant' training then apply for ODP training. I know you can 'cos i've worked with lots of them over the years. :D
  8. Thanks for the information RAF nurse, but I ment going in as an ODP (already trained) I am going to university to do it in September, for personal reasons such as our daughter being too young I would rather train in civvie street first rather then go in now. I was told on Run Ration that you cant enter the RN as a fully trained ODP is this still right?

  9. You are correct SharontheODP, ODPs in the RN are Medical Assistants with an ODP ADQUAL and you cannot join to be an ODP (qualified or to train) as the RN do not currently have an ODP Branch.

  10. Tommy-rot!
    Of course you can be an ODP and join the Navy as an MA....but as a 'civ div' qualified ODA/P you must apply and complete Basic Training at HMS Raleigh, then undertake MA training successfully, and then ask to serve as an ODP given that you are already Q-annotated in this speciality.

    Look at the pay-related issues for completing ODP training as a civvy (no pay!) versus being paid to train as an MA, then 'transfer' to ODP in the Navy.
  11. Glaringly obvious in your on screen personna _RAF NURSE !!!!!
    Despite other info previously mauled to near death, :frustrated: as a member of teeny weeny airlines :slow: , you maybe unaware, :help: in the dark blue suit just because you have the odp string to your proffessional bow , doesn't mean you get to twang it. :donut: Being dual hatted ect. needs of the service plays a big part when not in LALA land..... :1:
  12. In the Navy ODP is an AdQual, just because you have done the training doesn't mean you will be employed as one. I have just met up with a CPO who did his ODP Trg 3 years ago and hasn't been employed in an operating theatre since. Will los ehis registration soon.
  13. took apx 2 years to get on odp course in RN , selection process very tight as so many MA's wanna do it. The powers that be take the pick of the litter(couple of MA's a year) and even as the rest of the posts say theres no guarentee of being a full time ODP after.
    The only lot i know with a full time ODP branch are the crabs.
  14. And The Army...
  15. RAF_Nurse! You should apply to be a recruiter... actually please dont as we would like people to be given correct advice.
    You stick to nursing and let the AHPs stick to what we do...