ODP - Degree qualification as of 2014?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by breadhead, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. Firstly apologies if this has been discussed on here, I had a quick look but didn't really find anything.

    I'm looking to transfer from CMT around the end of 2013, and have been gently nudged in the direction of nursing, but I'm also interested in what ODP has to offer. Which bought me to this:

    According to the Army Jobs webpage for ODP it says as of 2014 the trade qualification will no longer be a diploma, but, and I quote, "might" become a degree (http://www.army.mod.uk/rolefinder/role/150/operating-theatre-practitioner/). After a quick bit of research, apparently this has been the case in a few UK universities for a while, but not at Birmingham. Has anyone heard anything a bit more definitive than it "might" be happening?

    Also, whilst I'm aware there are people who's job it is to know these things, on the off chance would anyone have a rough idea of how ODP recruiting is at the moment? I'd imagine it's a difficult one to get into?

  2. Fu#k a degree in washing surfaces, drinking tea and playing cards. Whatever next?
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  3. Oi!
    Less of the "washing surfaces" thank you very much.
    And we don't all drink NATO standard, some of us take coffee
  4. Sorry forgot that the floor bumpers are very technical these days.
  5. ODP is currently recruiting.

    Numbers are low with interviews being held in January IIRC.
  6. breadhead, what do you do at the moment?

    Birmingham City University (BCU) is moving to First Degree Level (for us 'wall washers') in September 2015... It doesn't matter what 'other' univeristies are offering as the military use BCU!

    As a 'rough' idea ODP recruiting is actually not bad... It's only difficult if you think its going to be easy... like most things.

    PM me if you want more info.

  7. Apologies about hijacking the thread. I'm an ODP with 306 HSMR (V) and have just recently finished my phase 1 (TA) training. Does anyone know what is involved in the phase 2 training and where it is taught?
  8. Oh-Dee-Aye, there is no Phase 2 Training Requirement for Qualified ODPs in the Reserves (nee TA) or Regulars unless you enlist into the Regular Army to train as an ODP, the the Dip HE ODP is the Phase 2 Training.

  9. Leviticus, thank you for the response. I may have used the wrong term with regards to asking about phase 2 training. What I meant to ask is that do we get any further training? Either immediately or soon after completing phase 1. Such as a conversion to military practice course, anaesthetic/medical equipment competencies and mandatory training. I have emailed my PSI about this but not had a reply yet.

  10. Steady on old chap, that's a little unfair on ODPs. You've missed out other important roles such as placing ECG electrodes on the patient's chest, passing the anaesthetist an ET tube and adjusting the light. Would have thought an NVQ would be an appropriate qualification.
  11. Oh-Dee-Aye, sorry to disappoint... but no, the only Training you will do specific to any military ODP competencies will be as Part of your Individual Pre Deployment Training or Collective Training pathway prior to Deploying.