ODP Commission!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ArthurWitty, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. I couldn't believe my eyes today when I saw the letter inviting ODPs to submit applications for an LE ODP commission... open to application from WO1, WO2 & SSgts.
  2. About bloody time, can get the scrubbers from being OIC of Dept on Tour and let the Techs manage the Techs

    yep.. for commission april 09 ...applications to be at MCM 15 Dec...not long really.
  3. As usual a good few years too late !

    A lot of decent guys and potential officers gone in the last 3-5 years

    Still i suppose better late ..................
  4. God help the trade!
  5. All depends on who goes for it
  6. true, word on the street is most of those eligible to apply have said they wont go for it, watch that change now the letter is out (a bit like those who said that there was no way that they would take continuance if offered, who then bit the hand off the messenger when the letter came down from MCM Div). god help the trade!

    Although good luck to you mucker.

    Edited due to biffy fingers
  7. I will not be going for it !!!
  8. This is fantastic news... The 1st of several to be established over the coming years.

    Good luck to those who apply.

  9. which unit is this ODP commission going into?
  10. not sure but you can bet it will involve more than just being an ODP who is an officer, whoever gets the job might be a bit be shocked by just how much he/she has taken on.

    Too late! but these things happen, Ill just stick to being a drunken hanger on at functions.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Famous last words, "Oh I wont be applying...."
  12. Very true words there...but i can tell you my name will not be appearing on the list of applicants, but i could name the ones who would and have said they are not interested
  13. 1. Who said there is only 1 commission ....?

    2. The WO1 slots are being removed from two of the MDHU to make way for these posts or thats what i was lead to believe.

    Anyhow FF i agree the person will be shocked as to how much they have taken on imho, From what was discussed in the past.

    Good luck to whoever decides to have a punt at it.
  14. Survey say's YORK
  15. It's about fcuking time!

    As an ex-theatre brother I've said for donkey's years it's utter bollux for the Army to persist in restricting ODPs careers to OR. It is and always has been discriminatory. The same is true of lab techs although in many ways perhaps the better parallel would be in the days when singly-qualified RMNs couldn't commission.

    Good luck to whoever goes for it - and remember, not every 'scrubber' (indeed only a bigotted few) ever thought the artificial division created by the military was right in the first place!