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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Narcissus, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Right I am off to UCE to do the DipHE ODP in the next few weeks, so I am looking for any tips or advice from anyone who has done this.



    PS: I know the validity of this group has been dissucsed HERE but I am using this as a pre-runner to taking the GAMSAT and maybe going onto BMBS later on.
  2. linemanloz,

    Get ready for two years of hell. Its hard work mate but stick at it.

    One golden rule is when given an assignment to do, get it done when you get it. When the assignments start to build up and the submission date is approching the stress of trying to do an assignment and complete your learning outcomes can be a nightmare.

    When I was given an assignment I would lock myself in the library the weekend it was given and try to get most of it done. Thats why I got to spend most of my course living it large in Brum. I also walked away with a comendation, so it worked for me.

    Also try to play the Greyman as much as possible. Avoid the top corridor unless it is essential then the people at the top will forget about you and put their claws into someone else. They like to charge people on a daily basis for the slightest thing. I'm sure they get a cash commision for charging someone because it is crazy what some people get charged with. This is not the real Army were someone will shout and spit in your face or just give you a smack for stepping out of line. They will lead you into the belive that everything is ok then charge you when you least expect it or take you out of the clinical placement to do it rather than waiting till you are in a university block.

    You will have fun during your time in Brum and the social life is great.

    Just go with the flow and it generally falls into place.

    Private message me if you think of any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you. D_K
  3. i'd just like to second the bit about the top floor, stay away from them at all costs and don't expect to be treated as someone with years of experience in the army, you wont be. there are some top people working up there, however you only come into contact with them by trying to avoid the arrses that you're meant to deal with.

    enjoy birmingham, its got pretty much everything you would ever want to do (even ski-jumping, randomly)
  4. Dont Panic. The 1st Year aint too bad, Second Year is a steep learning Curve. as DK said with the Assignments get em done when u get em, although you will know the best way you study. I've got 5 Assigments due in in the next 3 months and i find that i write better under pressure. I will say that when you start clinical placement get on top of your Competency paperwork from the start i've seen ppl leave it until their last week and fall flat on their arses.

    AVOID the Top corridor (coz of the ginger tour dodging fecker) and RCDM (admin feck ups) like the plague, both are a pain in the arrse and fcuk admin up as much as possible. u can get charged for anything, one of our lasses was charged for her NOK form after she had signed it they lost it and stated that she had never been their even though she had an interveiw with the pay clerk that day to sign everything.

    Be Grey be very very grey.

    Not Long To Do :)
  5. I'm sure there is more advice to give but you will have to give us hints on what you want to know? CMT_Disgruntled is also right. When ever you deal with RCDM take a photocopy of everything you sign and always keep an eye on your pay. Get things done straight away and trust no one. Their the type to say "its ok I did it this morning" When really they were dropping the kids off at school.

    Good luck CMT_Disgruntled on the final part of the course. No doubt we have met.

  6. Loz,

    Just looked up your comments about GAMSAT and BMBS. Do you realise that you won't get near those courses for at least 5 years and if you want to do them why don't you do them instead of ODP? You will do two years of training, one year consolidation, three years at a FD Unit. You also sign paperwork to state that you will give three years back to your CEG as an ODP. Ask Filbert Fox about your intentions and he will give you the right answers as he has a very strong footing in this area.

    What did you also mean about the validity about this group?
  7. I am thinking of applying for ODP, what qualifications do I need? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Look throught the forum. It has been discussed before and there is some information on what you require.
  9. Is Dip HE the only level of qual available to ODP! or can they do BSc MSc etc
  10. Not sure about other levels, but for Gebeleizis I used my Access course being a mature student type.
  11. Diploma level is a big step for ODP education! Long gone are the C & G day's....and good riddance!!

    Provided a sensible and pragmatic point of view is taken over post-qualification consolidation and widening of experience, there is nothing to fear over 'Dip.H.E' ODP's.

    People who do not embrace controlled and considered change belong with the dinosaurs! Modern O/Theatre practice demands that practitioners keep up-to-date.
  12. are you being a grey man, ODP student at Brum with not long to push who gives his e-mail address at the bottom of every post?

    you wouldnt believe who reads ARRSE!
  13. People refer to this 'Top Floor' as if it was a scarey place and to refer to some as 'dodgers' is just plain pathetic. Perhaps next time your on parade with the ODP instructors, just take time to look at the ribbons. Those on the top floor are there because of their experience on operations and the job.
    I for one have aspirations to make it in this job and to work on the top floor. So either front up or shut up you salad dodger
  14. Some people avoid the top loor others dont, CMT_Disgruntleds attitude stinks :cheese: and obviously needs to meet a few tent poles on dark night. As capt j says they're there for a reason. The guys (& girls) up there are highly experienced. Personally they have helped me (each to their own), ive only had problems with RCDM but they have been few and far between, and have always been sorted quite quickly. Your not in Civvie Street here, just because your in a civillian environment doesnt mean you have to drop your standards, if anything i think the military guys find it harder to cope because things can be so laxed.

    I would say Enjoy your time at Uni. Dont kick the (_!_) out of it do the work and have some good down time, These guys who teach from the Mil side are high in their careers, your just starting, treat people with the respect they deserve, and you might just get some in return ;)
  15. Disgruntled is probably pished off cos he sounds from his posts like a 12 year plus LCpl! ODP student = LCpl max, served on Op Resolute!! bugger me that was in '96 wasnt it?

    Flying in the Corps and after his outburst above no doubt he will do just as well in the ODP cadre!