ODI Series

Anyone watching....?

Care to comment / discuss..

Ganguly just caught at midwicket off Anderson - India 17 for 1 off 4...

P.S. If you hate Cricket just feck off! You don't need to pipe up and tell me! :D
Mrs Jim was never interested until I took her to see an Ashes Test at Headingley - now she enjoys it (probably because she now understands it better).

Come on England!
I love cricket, but not having Sky am in a period of enforced deprival until it is back on 4. Channel 4's coverage, commentary etc was first class, and summer is not the same.
I don't have Sky either, so I have to keep an eye on the Teletext. You're right though, summer hasn't been the same since cricket went off terrestrial television.

Still, there's always TMS on the radio.
Anything to do with England sports wise will do, I cant believe Indias selection policy for these one dayers were into the tail already.
Only problem will be seeing how the ball behaves under lights.

Monty is sh*te at fielding, at least school kids feel good after seeing his efforts. Another one down

DozyBint said:
legal_eagle said:
Another one DB...Khoni bowled by Monty Panesar..India 140/5 off 38
The excitement never ends... :yawnstretch:
I know DB you've just missed the shot of the day, ill tape it and post you it if you want. :wink:
I'll join in Legal Eagle.
Pretty average start to the England innings, 3 wickets down in no time, but it looks like Pieterson and Collingwood are fighting back!
If one of them goes soon, it will need Freddie to come to the Party with the bat - he is due a decent knock.

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