oddest wedding photos

A Chinese company appears to be offering wedding photos with an action movie type theme. It deserves a wider audience, but I doubt if it would catch on here. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/, Taiwan/HK/Macao menu item, title "Be my hero", has 2 photos, and following text:-
Shooting a wedding portrait: A couple kisses each other during a photo shoot for their wedding portrait at a special field warfare scenario photography set in Nanjing, July 29, 2009. The husband and wife to be are both military enthusiasts. Specially-themed wedding portraits are popular among Chinese young couples. [CFP]

Once saw a wedding party getting their photos taken at the Campodoglio in Rome. The groom had brought his trombone, and the bride was not impressed. Doubt if he got to take that on his honeymoon. Anyone got any unusual wedding pics they could post here (bearing persec in mind)?


Donkey-Spanker said:
Re-enacting the occupation of Tibet on your wedding day is a bit strange I'll grant you, but the oddest wedding photo ever must be this one:

Is he rich by any chance??


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