Oddest Places People Wore Poppies

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_RTG_Medic, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Folloing from Silosids recent post on the highest poppy. (Mt Snowdon)

    Excellent effort by the way Silosids - Kudos !

    Where is the oddest place people were seen this year wearing poppies, a number of colleagues here in Kazakhstan were sporting poppies and I was wondering what was happing elsewhere in the world outside the UK?

    Cheers for now

  2. lol saw the lowest in europe.....some fella at schiphol airport had one.
  3. I was over in the Republic of Ireland during rememberance sunday, saw loads of people wearing poppy's. Knocks the myth on the head that people dont wear them there!.
  4. In their hat box... so that they didn't have to buy one next year.
  5. One of the security staff at the check in Duesseldorf Airport on Sunday, a quick glance at his id badge showed a name like Andy Ridgley or maybe Ridley.
  6. That's a bit of a fall from his Wham days....

    TAXI!!! :D
  7. Wonder if he's got mate called George that showed him how to do cavity searches?
  8. speaking of poppies, i was fairly unimpressed at the number of people that wernt wearing them. i mean seriously whats 20p or more for a red poppy, show some respect.

    And isnt there something about white poppies now?? some chrsitian union thing or somesuch.
  9. Las Vegas

    Brits & Canadians wearing them. Older folks seemed to be wearing what looked like knitted poppies.

    Also saw a couple of suited up RAMC guys, someone on Arrse on a stag do? :D
  10. On the front of a Citroen.

    Though, the back third surrendered and the middle third set up a puppet government.
  11. Watching NHL icehockey on TV.

    Quite a few canadians had them on, including a couple of players
  12. Ekklesia were the white poppy mongs.

    Didnt see one anywhere during the entire period - and most of the church (anglican) seems to hold him up to ridicule.
  13. That's not particularyly odd, November 11 is particularly well advertised over there
  14. I did too, Zürich

  15. In Lagos Nigeria