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Oddest place you have stroked one out?

RSM's office, When on Guard, on a saturday, In Berlin. The Only dude in BHQ was the duty sig, When he went for his meal, one of the guard had to watch the phones, so the sig routed them to the RSM phone. Ones gentelmans sauce was left in the RSM's waste paper bin. No salt
Was flying to America on a Civi flight, got bored and did the business in the bogs 25000 feet above the atlantic ocean

Best bit was how it still smelled of jiz when i returned for a piss 2 hours later
cant clame this one for myself, but during a live fire ex oversees a lad knocked one out in an old soviet style trench whilst on an advance to contact

Ive had my fair share on stag but thats nothing special in this company
In the sea in the maldives, I was young and there was a chick next to me sunbathing and she kept rubbing oil on herself so had to do the only thing a young lad can and find some where quiet...anyway...as i bolted a hefty sum of man fat a fish came up and bit the end of my fella..fcuk me ! jump ! I dug a trench up the beach, couldn't get out quick enough..never again !
Planes, trains and automobiles. Not forgetting ferries, bedfords, then DAFs. Maybe a bit difficult on the bike, if anything it would have to be with the left hand, but hey a challenge is a challenge. :lol:
not really rubbing one out, but i fu*ked the living daylights out of my mrs in the back of the c.o's car while on duty driver! left a nice sticky present on the back seat for the tw at hahaha :twisted:
1)In the Bombard OP...

2)Off the top-deck of an FV432 whilst on stag, taking advantage of static running and cam to conceal sound/sight signatures - not much I could do about heat!

3)In an Air Marshal's private office, assisted by computer services manager who was female and Australian...very satisfying

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
cannon fodder said:
Where is the oddest place you have stroked sum of your gravy out?.. Either by yourself or with help by a member of the public...

I'd have to say thats a toss up between the Queensmans Mum's Face and the Napier's Dad's ARRSE. I couldn't tell you which was most fun as they both look very similar. Especially when covered in my gissum.

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