Oddest Mil place for a Sh#g

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by machiavelli, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Was reminiscing on Ex the other day and remembered a moment of insanity with the fat unit bicycle on the 30m range at Cultybraggen and wondered where the oddest place anyone had gained carnal knowledge of the opposite sex was..........
  2. Back of a 432.
  3. a disused railway station in southwest Ireland!

    What a heffer she was :lol:
  4. An issued bed, not really odd just anyoing with the bloody sound them things make!!
  5. in the guardroom.

    back of a daff.
  6. Operating theatre table complete with lithotomy stirrups! Fantastic :lol: :lol:

    I'm so sick :p

  7. Billet in RAF Stornoway (god forsaken place) - it was an annual camp many many moons ago..... wedged a bed and wardrobe against the door incase her roomates came in suddenly...

    Another quicky (BJ this time) was in a L/rover while driving down the A1

    EDIT: - dont think either are particularly odd I suupose, but mentionable all the same :lol:
  8. Ok replace oddest for funniest/strangest/riskiest etc...
  9. In the pool at Harrogate.......yep if you were there after 92 then you have swam in my swimmers!!!!

    And on the 5m board...

    And in the trade block.

    Stallion me

    oh and I’ve had a wnak in the palace!
  10. On exercise summer sales back of the OCs Landrover
  11. Between 18X24 and it's 'inner' NBC tent Gulf War 1 while on R&R and visiting friends at the field hospital in Al Jubail
  12. Local bike in Andover, shagged her in a 6 man room with all the occupants present! They complained when i woke them all up bangging her again at 6 in the morning! lol

    4 of us decided that the Psyciatric center in Catarrick was boring so nipped out into town and met some pads wifes in a bar. All 4 of us went back to one of the wifies Pad and she took all 4 of us, after finishing, (as she was checking on th kids upstairs, we all did a runner back to the Psyc wing lol!!
  13. This used to be quite a competition in one or two of my old units, hence...

    In a parked up Chinook out on Soltau, the back of an ambi at the Royal Tournament, in a 432 (nothing to do with RAMC_Medic though!), under the railway bridge by the back gate at Keogh, and the officers mess at QEMH Xmas 1986...I was a Lcpl at the time.
  14. Someone was caught in the sangars at basra palace we had to check the
    empty sangars on rotation .Never caught anyone again though :(
  15. In the back of a 3/4 ton ambi (40 MPH MAX SPEED) outside the NAAFI at QEMH 1978. Was on NI training at lydd & Hythe, when a guy ND on the range and took a couple of toes off, and the QE being the nearest mil Hosp he had to go there.
    After the tour my POP was QEMH, where I spent a memorable 3 years.

    Happy days.