Odd what you find online !

slick said:
I was browsing for wholesale sites for archery kit and came across this little chap :D Wind up wanking soldier
\i've heard that one before. Why don't you just come out with it and say you were looking ofr wonk mags.
Watch the Soldier play with himself when you wind him up
Christ! It is realistic!
mwl946 said:
Bugger............only comes in a bulk order of 12 :(
For Sale! 11 x Wnaking Squaddies........ :wink:
Flt Sgt Stroker surely
Much as you'd wish it to be so you need to face the fact that it's a sergeant, it's not in blue and it doesn't have RAF Regiment mudguards... He's one of yours...

And, statistically, if he's a stroker he's far more likely to be Bill Oddie... :D

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