odd sort of question reguarding work..

Hello I've got an odd question and I don't really want to wait until next drill night. Is it possible to get work in the barracks as i've just pretty much quit uni to do a tour and I need to finish off my training so as if finding work was not hard enough I need to find work with a good few weeks off. I've heard one of the guys at my unit talk about helping out around the barracks (paid) painting rooms clearing gutters and what not.. does any one have any advice or know much about this as I will be going on tour but need to finish training but in order to do that I need to pay will to stay under a roof with food..

Of course. I did plenty of work at my unit while I was at Uni. Although I reckon it was harder for Riflemen to do the same, I was Coy Sigs Det Comd
I'm a gunner, I do every single opportunity I get thrown at me but obviously I would need some thing that could pay my rent each month if you see what I mean is there an opportunity for there just to be a janitor or summit for a few months while I finish off my training or would some one at my unit be the best bet to talk to.
I'd start off by speaking to someone at your unit to be honest, but there are TA soldiers at my place of work that do the full working week, in uniform and paid, so I would assess that you should find something to do. Good luck to you, both getting the work in and on your tour.
Thank you very much I'll pop tomorrow and see if there is any one I can talk to. I look forward to it thanks for the help.
I'd suggest the PSAO would be the person to talk to, if he's got no work needing doing for the coy/sqn, he may know of someone who needs a hand. The QM and RQ are usually looking for an extra pair of hands.
Best of luck.

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