Odd Recruits, the oddest & why

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, May 8, 2006.

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  1. & why not?

    We had one in the last couple of weeks who seemed totaly unaffected by CS in the RTF, in fact he was eating choccie bikkies with no S10 on, damn annoying to spoil my fun like that but an ideal future CBRNI.

    Only the 2nd time in my total service TA & Reg (25ish years) I've come across some one like that.
  2. What about the one that asked the CSM if he could have his pay payed directly into his 'Swiss Bank Account'? Biinned that fcuker!

    What about the one who used to move apparently at random? He just moved. It's almost inexplicable. Binned as well...
  3. Rumour has it that most of the civvies in west Belfast were immune to CS due to being subjected to bucket loads of it in the 70's..
  4. Are older recruits really odd? Or just not phased by things in the way younger ones are?There are some really odd people out there, but I wonder if they were just as odd at an earlier age or did it come on over time?

    I prefer the odd ones.... they are more entertaining :wink:
  5. I agree, the odd ones make training them worthwhile as it relieves the boredom than can creep in.
  6. I think 'oddness' is something one works on and perfects at a stage when it becomes apparent you can be yourself no matter how wierd that seems to be.

    Oddness when displayed by the young usually indicates that they're just plain wierd and there's no scope for improvement ata a later stage when oddness will usually become conformity and plain boring old goatedness. This hypothesis seems to work insofar as my longstanding friends are concerned for thise who were definitely wierd now wear horn-rimmed glasses, mocassins and vote conservative whilst the previously 'normal' and boring types have definitely become extremely odd in everything that they do.

    think it's something about being comfortable with who you are now.


  7. Back in the bad old days (RRTT with the Jimmys) I asked one particularly slow and indeed quite annoying young Siggy his name to which he replied "George" when I asked him for his surname he replied "what like Sir George?" :? What a fcukin donut, his service, was at the very least very short lived.
  8. best quote from a recruit on a SAA lesson on rates of fire - they were practising deliberate rate and rapid rates of fire - one was the 'firer' and the other one kneeled next to him and recocked the weapon each time it was fired (to simulate the weapon re-cocking itself). This one recruit asked 'Corporal, when we're on the battlefield and I'm cocking his weapon for him, would I be kneeling up or lying down?'

    I didn't know whether to burst into hysterics at his stupidity or twat him round the head.

    Another one, on the range when given the word of command 'ready' shouted back 'yeah I'm ready'. I give up!!
  9. They are'nt Odd, Just Special. :wink:

  10. We had a chap who was a deserter from the French Foreign Legion. Actually got as far as Chilwell to deploy to Kosovo, but they binned him when they found out!Think he's currently at Her Majesty's Pleasure somewhere....
  11. Any questions?

    Answer: Where do flies go in winter?

    Last seen with TA SAS(R)
  12. Some bloke who asked me when he would get to use the MP5.
  13. Just Tell'em "they die, like you will if you ask any more bone questions"
  14. We had one who was binned off his rcts course !

    His mum used to ring up asking why he hadn't been paid

    After a while of his leaving we opened his locker , it contained one sock a pair of slippers ! and a notepad with strange scribbling in it !