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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by petergriffen, May 21, 2010.

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  1. As the title say's this is a bit odd. I was watching a bit on France 24 news about the UK forces in Afghanistan last night, and I noticed almost all the soldiers had "fighting" knives strapped onto vest/ankles (WWII commando/Para's style)/thighs. I had never noticed Brit's wearing them so much untill now, I'm not sure what unit they were though.

    I had only really ever seen that much knifeage in WWII photos/film. Just curious to why it seems to be in vogue again? :?
  2. Knives shouldn't be on their chests.

    Don't know why the rise in carrying them though but I know they shouldn't be on your front.
  3. Are you sure they werent bayonets?
  4. No almost 100% sure they were not, some of them had the bayonet frogs ON and a seperate knife.
    They had various makes and models I could recognise, cold steel, Boker, CRKT's....
  5. Its because the RIP has been done with 11 and 4 Bde, 4 Bde has marines in it its those wierdo's that think they will get close enough to use a fighting knife!
  6. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Once the crops are up above your head, it's not uncommon to 'bump' into them and a knife can be a handy thing to have, however a lot of the lads go totally OTT on the subject. I'm surprised I've not seen anyone with a sword strapped to his back yet. :)
  7. Like this....?

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  8. I think a Sam Browne & Sword over the top of Osprey would look very fetching.

    Incidentally when was the last time some eccentric officer went into battle with a sword?
  9. Jack Churchill would be most people's tip in the British context. He was however known as "Mad Jack"...

    (see figure extreme right)

  10. In reply to the OP, I think what you saw was Marines, not Army
  11. More allyness than necessity.
  13. As already shown, Stevieni22, it does happen. Because you didn't experience it on your tour, doesn't mean others haven't and won't. I've heard many tales of close quarters contact (20-25 metres or less) in which pistols were used, but in that distance that doesn't rule out charging with a bayonet either if you find yourself with an empty magazine. Reference Lt James Adamson for that.