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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by BuckFelize, May 31, 2012.

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  1. For many years I've seen Herc crews sporting this odd Czech-type flag on their growbags. Could any of our readers ID it and explain its significance?

    Curious of Melton Mowbray.

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  2. The flag belongs to 47 SQN Royal Air Force, it dates back to the activities that the SQN got involved in during WW2 in the Burma area. I cant remember the full story but esentially they were flying in non-RAF mared aircraft so the flag was used for IFF purposes.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Ta. Mwa! x
  4. It was explained to me that the flag was first used when 47 Squadron were in Russia. It depicts the RAF blue keeping the White Russians (although the flag when found had faded to yellow and nobody originally realised the significance) and the Red Commie Russians apart. Without googling it for a while, I'd guess this was about 1919?

  5. Apart from the minor detail taht their mission was to destroy the Bolshivik forces not keep them apart. Don't mistake the Allied Intervention in to the Russian Civil War as some sort of Pre UN peace keeping op.

    The powers taht be in Europe (nd the Royals of Europe) were scared... very scared that in the post war landscape of Europe (which was fcuking grim to say the least) Bolshivism would rip through Europe.

    We had Bobbies on strike in 1919 in UK, which is why they aren't allowed to strike now.

    47 Squadron's mission wasn't 'RAF blue keeping White Russians and Red Russians apart'. It was named a 'operational training flight' but pretty much smashed the Reds as their mission.

    47 was eventually disbanded as the British (and others) pulled out of Russia in the North, but renamed 'Russian Instructional Mission' or similar.

    It was manned by all manner of nationalities during this time many being 'hand picked rogues', when the RAF bit was pulled away, they volunteered to stay as te Instructional Mission. When the end for that came, they volunteered (all of them) to fight on with the Russian White Forces.

    They were a strange bunch in that they had several different aircraft variants operating in one squadron... and were spread around Southern Russia in small groups.

    Pretty sure I read that the Reds were keen on crucifiying or similarly killing the pilots of the Russian Instructional Mission.

    Anyway, without further a do, the roundalls used on the 47 Sqn aircraft and later teh Russian Instructional Mission aircrafter were Blue, Red and Yellow. No b0llocks about white fading, it was yellow.

    Worth noting that the imperial Russian Roundalls of the time were Red, White and Blue. So possibley some sort of method of differentiating Russian from RAF plane? I suppose as well though, at the time, a fair bit of leeway may have been available to (newly minted) RAF units... it having only just been formed, it may have been easy to keep older colours (from RFC or RN and what not) or just freestyle it.

    As mentioned ,47 were apparently a right bunch of rogues at the time. The intervention in Russia was far from popular back at home, so the aircraft may not have ever been painted in RAF colours. It was a 'black' mission (in modern terms), but bear in mind that at the same time we were recruiting ex-commissioned rankers (in the main) in to the Black and Tans to crack Irish heads.

    Britain, nay Europe, needed some stability after teh War to end wars. And with the Bobbies going on strike in UK and other Bolshi shenanigans the support to the White Russians must ahave been seen as important.

    I am pretty sure that a book called 'RAF in Southern Russia and the Balkans:1919 - 1921' indicated that the 47 Sqn/Russian Instructional Mission NEVER had RAF colours and flew under their own colours and roundals. Equipment seems to have been pretty haphazard in its appearance at the unit, although it all stemmed from the RAF.

    I think Pay came from the FO or something, not the RAF.

    The members of the Sqn came from Britian, t commonwealth even some other countries such as the Balkans and Chechoslovakia.
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  6. For someone who dislikes the RAF so much, you are one nerdy sad spotter.
  7. What makes you think I dislike the RAF?

    Good bunch of lads, I enjoy working with them, and they have a very proud history. I have family connections to them too... mainly through NS but still.

    Doesn't mean I'll say 'let's keep 'em' or what not. I don't even think we should keep my own capbadge if you look at it.

    And I do enjoy a good bit of history.

    My current preoccupation is the Middle East about this time. I know it was an RAF led force, but why on earth did we invent RAF Armoured Car Companys?

    Still giggling that a book I read recently described no1 Coy as having a number of Rolls Royce Armoured Cars, morris radio tenders and 'two ancient tanks'. This was in the 1920s... so I'm thinking the tanks may not have been that ancient!
  8. Enough evidence for me to work it out.
  9. Oh I don't know. I think I'm pretty ambiguiously ambivilant.